Tuesday, July 21, 2009

31 Days of Praying for My Husband

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I brag a LOT about my husband. Katy Lin at The Great Adventure started a meme called My Husband Rocks! Fridays over a year ago to celebrate why we love our husbands. Since my husband does rock, I started participating in it, and I've enjoyed it so much.

As much as I brag on him, there is one area of my life that I have let fall to the wayside. It's the area of praying for him. Oh, I pray for him when there is a need, like if he's sick, or if he has a big thing at work, or if he has a relationship that needs help. But daily, ongoing prayer for the love of my life has not been a priority. This is something I want to remedy, and once again Katy Lin has provided a way to do that.

Yesterday she started "31 Days of Praying for Our Husbands," not a new idea, but one I had not seen in the blog world yet. I'm glad she decided to help us along in this journey! She uses prompts and Scripture to guide us in our praying. I love it! And the button is cute, too!

Not only do I expect to get closer to my husband through this, I expect to get closer to my Lord. A double blessing!

On another subject, once again thank you for praying for my Mom. She is much, much closer to me now at a rehab center not 10 minutes from my house. Compared to 30 minutes away, that's like she's in my living room! If you have been praying, continue to pray that her physical therapy goes well and she's up and moving the way she should be soon. She's improving every day!


Beverly said...

This is a great reminder for all of us. I pray for my husband every morning. He runs a sales route and is on the road a lot--I pray for his safety and protection. And every night I try to remember to thank the Lord for once again bringing him safely home to me.

Bonnie said...

If you decide you want to check it out - Stormie O'Martian (I am not positive I spelled her name correctly) has 30 day prayer books - one for husbands and one for wives. A friend of ours gave us a each a copy at my wedding shower. We go through the books on a pretty regular basis. They're good and offer several different scripture references for each day.