Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, This Was Unexpected...

Five-fifteen in the morning. I am dead-to-the-world asleep. The phone rings. Of course I expect it to be my step-dad telling me he's taken my mom to the hospital or something. No, nothing like that. This is the conversation that ensued:

Me: (very groggily) Hello?
Father-in-Law: Are y'all up?
Me: Um...No?
FIL: Well, you need to get up and look out the window.
Me: Um...okay...Sound Man, look out the window.
Sound Man: (also very groggily) WHA..? WHY?
Me: Your dad said to.
Sound Man: (after getting up and looking out the window) HOLY CR*P! THERE'S THREE INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND!
FIL: Well, just thought you'd want to know. Y'all be careful.

After which we both get up and laugh our tails off that the Memphis area was totally caught off guard. I mean, usually, they start a week in advance of a slight chance of flurries warning us, which in turn causes every crazy person in the tri-state area to head to MY Wal-mart for bread and milk, which of course means that everything else will be out when I'm doing my normal grocery shopping.

This...this was just crazy. They had mentioned last night that we might get some sleet, but no one made a big deal about it that I knew of. Maybe it was all overshadowed by last night's game. What game, you ask? If you have to ask, I'm not going to be the one to explain it to you.

Anyway, by the time Kiddo and I got up, there was 5 1/2 inches of snow. How do I know? Well, we are very scientific around here:

See? No, you probably can't. But trust me. That ruler went all the way to 5 1/2 inches. By the time this picture was taken, this was the only undisturbed spot in the yard. I do have three dogs, not to mention a 10-year-old boy.

Sound Man took this picture when he let the dogs out about 5:30. I love it because it shows all three dogs with it pouring snow. You can tell how much Jonathan loves it. He cracked me up with all the shenanigans he did while we were out there later.

My sweet boy with my big dog. They love each other, they do. And did I mention Jonathan also loves snow?

Windi and Shadow, however, tolerate it. Shadow more so than Windi.

Shadow taking a turn in the white stuff.

Windi is too prissy (not to mention short) to enjoy being in 5 1/2 inches of snow. This is where she liked to stay. On the patio. Poor baby tried her best to go potty, but she couldn't find a spot in the yard where the snow wasn't half way up to her head. She eventually was able to. Bless her 13-year-old heart.

Have I said that Jonathan LOVES snow? He and Kiddo got into a snowball fight, and this pic shows him trying to get the "ball" out of Kiddo's hands:

Here's Kiddo and Jonathan playing in the snow. I love it when Jonathan growls like that. He sounds so ferocious. And I suppose he would really be if something were really doing harm to one of us, but here he's just playing.

After we brought the dogs in, Kiddo took the sled out to the front to see if our neighbor's kids wanted to ride.

I think that lasted all of three minutes. That sled is heavy! It was built about 25 years ago by an old family friend, and it's still in great condition. Probably because it never gets used!

Well, Kiddo is now inside, warmed up, drinking decaf coffee(yes, coffee...he likes it...go figure) and eating lunch. I am watching what little birds I'm attracting to the yard with the meager fare I put out for them (I was not prepared and only had thistle...sad times). I am taking the day to get caught up on laundry even though I still have much too much of a word that looks a lot like snow but ends with "t" instead of "w" and a headache that WILL. NOT. GO. AWAY.

Maybe if I just spend the day blogging with all of you it will magically go away. Now that's a good idea!


Tee said...

The unexpected ones are the best ones, don't you think? Love the pup pics. So cute! Are you putting the fleur de lis tassels on Etsy? I miight be needing one of those.

Darlene said...

Great pictures in the all got a bunch of it too! My young poodle is a growler too when she is playing. Some dogs are just talkative when they play. Cute video! Hope your headache goes away.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

I would have taken your unexpected over mine. :) Hehehe! Thank you for indulging me. I have had such a day! When I finally got home, I went straight away to "experimenting" and actually got a pillow done and one cutain hung. May have to upload a pic. What type of camera do you use? Mine is crap and I think my blog suffers bc of it.

Please stay safe and warm!! Your family..especially your furbaby looks like they are loving the snow!


Richella said...

I can't believe y'all got SNOW WITH NO WARNING!! What? No mad run on the grocery store? How on earth are people making it without extra bread and milk??

We Southerners are funny.

Hope you're enjoying yourself! Take care!

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

That's Memphis for you! Wonder what tonite will bring? Love the pics of the dogs and kiddo! God Bless! Lauralu :)

Southern Queen Bee said...

WOW look at all that snow. Looks like fun. That is how it is here, if they predict bad weather WalMart is wiped out. Guess after Katrina noone wants to be caught off gaurd.

Bernie said...

I loved this post. Those are beautiful pictures too. I hope you have tons of fun and enjoy the snow.

Stay warm.


Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Finished a debating on the curtains....I have one of each up and have decided to wait it out..see which one calls to me. :)


The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

My husband had said you all were getting snow but I had no idea how much until your pictures!

The dog pictures are so cute! We have a rescued Golden too - Maxie. He likes to eat the snow and then it makes him crazy and he runs and runs! They're so funny aren't they? Jonathan and your son look like they are having a blast!


myletterstoemily said...

i can never remember more places getting
as much snow as in this winter!

loved the ruler!

also liked your favorite cocktail...shrimp!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

The photos and the snow are just fabulous! How fun! :)