Sunday, April 10, 2011

Milk on Tap

No, this isn't a post about nursing. This weekend we sent our son away to my sister's for the weekend, seeing as how it was our anniversary Friday and Sound Man's birthday today (Sunday). All three of us had a great weekend, in our respective places.

My sister told me about a conversation she had with Kiddo and my Nephew. It went something like this:

Kiddo: Can I have something to drink?

Carlyn: Yes, you can have some ice water.

Kiddo: Can't I have some milk? (He thinks the milk at my sister's house is SOOOOO much better because they drink whole milk instead of the "nasty" 2% we have.)

Carlyn: No, just ice water.

(It gets a little fuzzy here, since I wasn't there and didn't hear it first hand, but Kiddo asked if it was tap water or something like that.)

Carlyn: Yes, it's from the tap.

Kiddo: I wish whole milk came from the tap.

Nephew: (wait for it....)

It's called a cow.



CarlynB said...

You know, I never realized how much he loved our milk until I offered to let the boys drink soda with their hamburgers and Kiddo asked if he could have milk instead! Bless his poor little deprived of whole milk heart.

Love you!


sunshine.smiles.16 said...

I love it!! That is so funny! Well, he would REALLY hate the milk at our house, Cousin...we drink "nasty-er" SKIM!!

Jessica Heights said...

Ha! Well, that's about right!

Aurie said...

That is so funny!! Thanks so much for visting my blog and for the follow :)

Tracey said...

I recently switched our entire family from 1% to whole and we love it--and get this, I've lost a few pounds since the switch. I have heard it is far more nutritional and has less sugar.

Christa Sterken said...

That was so funny. I totally wish I had written down all the things my kids said. I truly thought I'd remember...apparently I failed to realize how many days your forget what day it even is as we age :)
Blessings, Christa