Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Song, Some Tears, and Toast

The first time I heard Chris Tomlin's World Edition of "How Great is Our God," I cried. Anyone that knows me is not shocked. The thing is, every time I've heard it since, I've cried. Again, this would not come as a shock to anyone who knows me. 

To say I was toast after watching the video would be a grand understatement. Just something about the different languages and cultures coming together in worship of our Great just does something to my soul. 



Barbara said...

This was great, Heathahlee! I'm in between grocery stores right now. Stopped at home to put away the Walmart stuff and will leave soon to shop at Kroger for the rest. I decided to sit for a minute and check email - saw your post of Chris Tomlin's World Edition of "How Great is Our God." Wow. What a wonderful few minutes of God-worship in the midst of an ordinary day. Thanks for sharing this!

B. (formerly at The Bungalow Cafe)

Heathahlee said...

So glad you were able to "sneak" in some worship time! Those are the best! :)