Monday, November 16, 2009

In Which I Beat the Proverbial Dead Horse

I miss you. I miss blogging. I miss designing my blog, coming up with witty titles (okay, so they're not always witty, but work with me here), filtering every life experience through bloggy eyes ("This would SO make a great post!"). I miss blogging.

Fact is, I'm just too dang busy. It's self imposed, because to look at my house you'd never know I'm too busy. I have three loads of laundry at this present time that need to be put up. A kitchen that looks like a tornado has recently blown through. No makeup on my face. Tassels that wait to be made. Oh, the tassels that wait to be made.

Yet, I spend my day on the dumbputer. I'm on Etsy, Facebook, Etsy, Facebook, Et...well, you get the picture. Granted, a lot of what I do is to promote business. But a LOT of what I do is a complete waste of time. Like Farmville. And Bejeweled Blitz 2. I mean. WASTE OF TIME!!!!

I so need to compartmentalize my day. When I was working, I knew what was expected of me and by when. I had pretty much a self imposed structured day based on the expectations of my boss. So, why is it that now that I'M the boss I don't impose those structures on myself? Because I don't have to answer to anyone. Okay, well, I do have to answer to my husband, but he lets me off the hook far more than he should.

Hmm...I wonder if they rent bosses? I could hire someone to boss me around! Yeah, that way they could give me goals for the day and sack me if I didn't do them! Wait, that wouldn't work because I can't get sacked from my own house. Oh, well. It sounded good.

I need to figure out a way to impose rewards and negative consequences for my household and business. "Business" being a loose term.

So...any ideas?

Now that I've thrown that out at you, let me invite you to my brand new Butterfly Genes fan page on Facebook! Woot woot! If you are on Facebook, just click the link over to the left (just under my Etsy ad) sign in to Facebook, and click the "Become a fan" button. I'd love for you to come see me!

Soon (as in the next couple of days) I will let the cat out of the bag about what I teased you with last week. I'm working on tassels and pictures and communication and all that jazz. Rest assured, I WILL tell you. It's just too big not to tell you.

The excitement builds....

Or, you know. Whatever.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I have the same problem. No structure to my days, so not a lot gets accomplished.

Any tips on Bejeweled Blitz? I cannot figure that game out for the life of me!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I haven't been on Facebook or Twitter in awhile. Sometimes, when I feel like I'm spending too much time online {not the laptop in general because sometimes I am doing a proposal for a client and I need to use my laptop} I would impose an 8:00 p.m. time to get off it. It can be bad, especially when I really do need to get things done and I've just spent two hours reading blogs!

CarlynB said...

Sister, I was just going to post something on your FB page about you needing to quit playing those silly games and update your blog -- but I didn't 'cause I didn't want to sound like I was trying to boss you around. I see that you actually NEED somebody to boss you around and who better to do that than me? I've had years of experience bossing you around! ;)

LOL...I love you, Sister.

I'm going to lend you my copy of A MOTHER'S RULE OF LIFE by Holly Pierlot. It's been very helpful to me.

We need to remember that we are called to the vocation of being a wife and mother, that there is something deeply meaningful in the routine of keeping house and providing for those we are entrusted to care for.

Take heart, Sister!

Your Bossy Older Sister

Kat said...

Good words, Carlyn, that we could all take to heart =)

tpillstrom said...

You can hire me! I'm very bossy!