Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Surgery for Snowmen

I don't know about you, but we don't have a fancy Christmas tree. Meaning we don't have all color coordinated ornaments and such. That's not saying I wouldn't LOVE one of those. But we'd have to have a separate tree somewhere else for that to happen, and we just don't have a place for one.

No, our tree, although beautiful, is decorated with ornaments that date back as long as I can remember. Some are from my Mimmie's aluminum tree that had the color wheel to light it, and some come from my Momma's tree in years past. Most have been collected over the 14 1/2 years of our marriage. And every single one of them is special. So it's never easy when one gets broken or has to be retired.

Which is why, when I discovered that the little snowman that I made at least 10 or 11 years ago had lost his nose, I didn't think twice about it. Throwing him away was not an option.

No, it's not bad's black spray paint. I was too impatient to wait for my husband to bring some gloves home.

No, he's not a priceless treasure. But he's one of my favorites because it's one of the first of these little snowmen that I made. I can't tell you how many snowmen I've made over the years, and each one of them has their own little personality. Since this was in my beginning craft stage, he's not the most handsome, but I still wanted to keep him. So, it was snowman surgery to the rescue.

A little bit of hot glue and he was all better. Or maybe a lot of hot glue. Just ready to go right back on the tree where he had been before.

There are just some ornaments, no matter how uncoordinated they may be with the rest of the tree, that will always have a branch to rest on.


southerninspiration said...

I love ornaments like that!! He's pretty darned cute.
We don't have a fancy tree, fact, we don't have a tree YET!!! ;0

Darlene said...

Oh girl, I know what you mean. We have all kinds of ornaments on our tree. That little snowman is precious!

Guess what???? I mailed your package today....WOO HOO!!!!! I hope you love it!♥

Shannon said...

My mom's tree is just like this...all our ornaments from growing up. I can't wait until we have enough to do a tree like this.

Teri Lynne said...

Okay, so I do have a bajillion trees (well 14 actually but that is a bajillion to most people) ... but it must be said that I have a sentimental attachment to almost every ornament on every one of those trees. In fact, part of the reason we have so many trees is because I can't let go of ornaments. Eventually I end up with enough to add another tree ... this is our 13th Christmas and we have 14 trees ... I'm curious what it will be like after our 50th anniversary!! :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think your tree is just perfect! I love your little snowman too. Wanna show us how you made him?....too too cute~

Anonymous said...

I also have done a lot of surgery. I simply cannot throw away a treasure. My tree is like yours, full of memories and I will never have a theme tree. Beautiful story. Elizabeth H

Windy said...

I don't do matchy, fancy, either! I love all of our ornaments that have been passed down and that my children have made - I think they make the best kind of tree:)