Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Star Ornament

Seems like forever ago I saw this ornament featured at And I have wanted to try it ever since. Well, I finally got the stuff that I wanted to work with and made my first one last night. I lurve it. Don't tell the altos, but this is what they're getting from me for Christmas. I always like to give them a little something. One year it was a little candle wrapped with ribbon with music notes on it. Another year it was tissue paper ornaments. Those were my favorites...until now. I think. I haven't made 15 of them, and by then my fingers may be cramped up beyond recognition.
In case you'd like to try these, here's the link. To download the pattern, don't click "folding" but go all the way down to "Download Star Pattern." The download has been sort of temperamental, and you will have to sign up for, but you don't have to get any emails from them if you don't want to. After you log in you have to go back to the ornament I said, it's temperamental. If you still have a hard time downloading the pattern, let me know and I will email it to you.
The instructions say to use paper, but I wanted a sturdier ornament, so I searched the world over and finally found (by accident, actually) some cardstock at JoAnn's. With my 40% off coupon, the package with several earthy colors was about $4, I think. I wanted an older, antique-ish look. The package also has a burgundy in it and I'd like to see how that would look.

What took me so long to get started on these was finding just the right music. I will spare you the long (very long) story of getting the sheet music from a friend, but I'm so glad I waited to get just the right book. See, my favorite Christmas carol is "What Child Is This?" but hardly ANYONE has the original, full version. So, I waited to do these until I had the full version. Not that the whole song is on here, but still.

And not that I actually used "What Child Is This?" for my first one. This is "O, Holy Night." Anyway, to do this, you download the pattern, and cut it out. Copy some sheet music onto paper or cardstock. Lay the pattern on the music, and trace around it. Cut around the lines. Using the pattern as a guide, fold the star in the 3-D shape like mine. The dotted lines are away from you, the solid lines are toward you. My advice is to do the ones toward you first. It's easier to do the others after you finish those.

When I finished, I wanted something more substantial than just a hole in the paper for the ribbon, so I had bought some itty-bitty grommets at Hobby Lobby. It's not perfect, and who knows how the others will look, but it gets the job done and it protects the paper. I am loving this one. I just hope I can do 15 more that look this pretty.

I mean, I think it's pretty...what do y'all think?


CarlynB said...

That is pretty. I think I made the paper stars either last year or the one before that, but I forgot where I got the instructions, made them on plain old paper, and just stuck 'em up on the tree. Yours are very pretty and definitely gift-worthy.

Love you,


Richella said...

No, Heather, it's not pretty. It's BEAUTIFUL! What a great gift to give "the altos." Are there really that many altos?? How big is y'all's church??

Love ya!

CarlynB said...

Oh, and I've started my own blog. Yay me!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Good grief woman, it looks fabulous! : ) What are you second guessing yourself for? I think if you work out some kind of assembly line for assembling them, you might just get away without cramping up your fingers. Even spread it out over two nights if need be. I think you did a great job and the grommet idea is a good one.

Tracey said...

I had NO IDEA you were so particular :) Glad you waited to get just the right song. They will love it.
p.s. Will you email me your address?

Jessica Heights said...

That is so beautiful!

Jessica Heights said... me!!! ;)

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Soooooo pretty! I really love it! I like the little grommet instead of just a hole too.

I hope you and your family have a really wonderful Christmas!


Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Stopping by from E's party. Love those star ornaments, I tried to make some similar, but must have all thumbs. They look lovely on your tree! Merry Christmas.

Southern Fried Gal said...

So precious! I love your story for wanting just the right music. Love it!