Friday, July 4, 2008

My Huband Rocks! Friday...the abbreviated edition

Since I have people coming to my house in about 30 seconds, and since I had a red crayon explode in my dryer, hereby preventing me from spending my free time blogging instead of crying and panicking and cleaning, this will be the fastest post I've done. Well, aside from my very first post.

But it will still abide by the rules set forth by Katy Lin at The Great Adventure for Fridays. My Husband Rocks! not only because of the original reason I was going to post about today (which will come, hopefully, tomorrow), but because he was the one who figured out that we needed to Google "getting crayon out of dryer" and for actually getting the WD-40 out and cleaning it himself while I sat at the computer crying because Kiddo's good clothes were ruined. I then Googled "getting crayon out of clothes" and came up with some doable solutions which will be tried in earnest tomorrow after the festivities die down.

He is my voice of reason when I am in panic mode...I love him dearly!

Okay, since my peeps have arrived, I must go. Big post tomorrow! More Rocking to come!


Jan & Tom's Place said...

A voice of reason, when you're in panic mode, is definitely something to hang on to!!

Tom's mine!! Glad you have yours.


Rachel's Journal Pages said...

I love the My Husband Rocks reasons that are spur-of-the-moment and spontaneous - they are so genuine! That's a fab reason to honour your hubby - love it!

In answer to your question on my post today - yes, your Aussie lingo is convincing.... sometimes I think the American version of English is harder to understand than

A Ham/Cheese/Tomato tostie is a normal sandwitch (don't bother with butter, but needs salt and pepper on the tomato layer) that is toasted. If you have a sandwitch press, this is the ideal way to cook, but a frypan works too (just flip it over when really golden and cooked on one side). Here lies the only real tricky part of a toastie: you need to have the tomato slices (not too thick) in the middle of the sandwitch, otherwise they make the bread soggy while cooking.
Also, the cheese needs to be melted really well - so I suggest thin slices or I prefer grated cheese - it melts better.
Not complicated and very very yummy!