Friday, January 29, 2010

My New Glasses

It's been a while since I've had new glasses. Like 12 years. I'm not kidding.

In 1997 Sound Man worked for a company that had a line of eyeglasses that you could use for safety glasses and still look fashionable...particularly helpful if you worked in an industry that required you to wear them all day long. You could wear them instead of the really clunky, ugly safety glasses.

Anyway, they had some frames they were discontinuing and would be free to us if we got the lenses through this part of the company. The lenses were going to be either free or way cheap, too (I can't remember which at the WAS almost 13 years ago, after all). The only thing was, they had to be safety lenses. So they had these permanent little marks at the top that all safety glasses have to have, making me think there was always a smudge at the top of my glasses.

My point. What was my point? Oh yeah! So, I mostly wear my contacts. I have ever since I started wearing them in 7th grade. I never really needed a new pair of glasses since my prescription really didn't change much over the years. Well, my prescription my not have changed, but fashion certainly did.

I felt like I couldn't NOT wear my contacts out in public. My glasses were that out of style. I didn't have the freedom to just not stick my finger in my eye every morning. Not that I mind sticking my finger in my eye, but I'm just sayin'.

So, in a spur of the moment kind of thing, instead of getting contacts with my eye exam this year, I got what I've wanted for years...NEW GLASSES!

Here's what my old ones look like...

Don't you love my expression? That's the way I felt every time I wore these things. Notice the lovely way the color is peeling off the frame. Ugh.

And HERE'S my new glasses!


Sound Man couldn't wait for me to get them. I texted him a picture when I was trying them on and he couldn't wait for them to come in. He says they're sexy. I think he's crazy. But I love him for thinking it anyway.

Oh, and as a side note...don't you LOVE my toile shower curtain? Why I decided to take these pics in the bathroom I'm not sure but I'm glad I did so you can see it!

Anyway, just wanted to share my good fortune with you. My glasses and I are now going to go see what's going on on Facebook. Ha ha! Get it? SEE what's going on?



Dawn said...

i love your new glasses! (and your shower curtain!) i have always loved eye glasses... and have never needed them! this month we have spent quite a bit of time getting new glasses for my daughter... after many adjustments and a switch of frame, she is finally happy... but i don't think her smile was a big as yours!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your glasses, Heather! I wear glasses for reading. I bought a non script pair at Tuesday Morning to just throw in my pocketbook so when I'm out I can read labels and price tags, and they have a similar style. I never remember to bring my home glasses or my work glasses.

I get new frames every 2 years {that's what the insurance allows} and at 2 years I find the frame styles have changed and mine are out of style!

Great lift of the lip in that first photo! : )

Richella said...

Love those glasses! And I know just what your husband means. They give you what Jack and I always call the "sexy librarian" look. :) Enjoy!

Donna said...

Great to read that someone's having so much fun with glasses. I wear contact lenses for about 10 years now and only used to wear glasses after getting up in the morning. but since i'm working pretty much in front of my pc i think i'll have to look for some new glasses. right now i pretty much like those rimless ones from silhouette. even though they're a little expensive but i think it's important to feel good with new glasses. just like you do :-) so thanks a lot for the post :-)

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Love glasses too, girl! Switched back to contacts this year because sometimes change is good. But I have two pairs of super cool frames and wear glasses pretty regularly.

I think yours are wonderful!!

Debbie said...

You look baby!!! I lurve them too! What a hoot, I wore the same type old frames for eons and just last year decided to become more hip and now have frames very similar to your new ones!! Also a contact wearer..monofocal & still use readers, lol

Also...LURVE your tassels!!

Darlene said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new glasses. You definitely look very hip and happening now!!! I wear contacts also and have worn them forever, but I have always had glasses to wear when I was at home or late at night, etc. I am enjoying wearing my glasses more and more lately. If I am just hanging around the house that is what I am usually wearing.

Oh, and I love your shower curtain. Where did you get it?

Kat said...


The ugly glasses picture made us all laugh :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You beautiful thing you!

"Intentionally Katie" said...

That first picture made me LOL. Not the glasses...your EXPRESSION!!!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Don't you like HOT STUFF! I love the new glasses...and yes, I think you are definitely bordering on "sexy" with the new look. Embrace it!!!