Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I Love About Sundays

Okay, so it's Tuesday. But I love Sundays so much I decided to write about them. It's my blog. I can do that.

What spurred me on to do this was this past Sunday. It was a typical Sunday for the three of us, and I realized how much I lurve our Sundays. From start to finish. Even though I have to wake up before dawn. Here's why.

First, the before dawn part. On the weekends we have the entire worship team singing (we alternate between just having a Praise Team and having the full Worship Team) we have to be there at 7:00 a.m. Yes. Seven. A. M. Did you know I'm NOT a morning person? Have you ever tried to sing at 7 o'clock in the morning? Vocal warm-ups are my friend. Ugh.

But you know what? There's no group of people I'd rather hang out with at that time of the morning.

Sundays also mean sausage biscuits and Praise Team practice. You know, when you're really, really hungry...I mean, so hungry you'd think a gum wrapper would taste good, a homemade sausage biscuit from the church's little cafe is the best. thing. ever. And it really is. So every week, I get one and head to P.T. practice and hang with some of my favorite peeps in the world.

This is not all of them by far. We alternate P.T. members, so this room is full of a different crew every week. And I heart them all. After eating and chatting and laughing our heads off at one another (usually Jae or Kevin), then we get down to the neety greety (as Nacho would say) and work on the next week's songs.

Then there's church itself. If I'm directing choir, like I was this week, this is the view the congregation sees of me.

Not. Pretty. Oh, well. I love doing it anyway.

After either eating at Casa Mexicana (our favorite Mexican restaurant) with our friends Jeff and Lisa, or heading home to eat lunch, I soooo look forward to the next part of my Sunday: a delicious nap. I truly believe that Sunday naps are the best naps there are.

Several years ago (okay, more than a decade ago, but who's counting?) we stopped having church on Sunday night so our people could spend the evening with family or have small group that night. For years our small group met on Sunday night, but now we moved to another night of the week and I loooooooove it. We get to hang out in our pj's and do little or nothing and watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and football.

Sound Man snapped a few pics of Kiddo building quietly (not something he's known for...LOL!) with his Legos...

Oops! Got caught!

He is quite the engineer!

And then we wind down our day and head to bed. After making sure we have read the funnies. I mean, Sunday is just not Sunday without the Sunday funnies, right? Oh, and for those of you not familiar with that word, that would be the "comics."

So that's what I love about Sundays. Man, just sitting here typing all of this made me want it to be Sunday again!

What's your favorite day of the week?


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You have a busy Sunday! I don't blame you for taking a nap. I love to take a nap on the weekends, too. My favorite day is Friday because I know I have two full days to do whatever I want ahead of me!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I can see why you love Sundays so much!!! I do our church a favor and sing softly...hehe. I have a voice only the Lord could love ;)

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

I want to hang out with you on Sundays!!! I relish my weekends too, but I have an interesting relationship with Thursdays. For the 1st part..Thursdays are HORRID! I have back to back grueling, make me ill quizzes in Clinical Nutrition (no one knows what is going on in there) and E's and O's (basically you get 2 minutes to find errors on various Rxs, profiles, orders, etc then write the error and how to correct it)...and there are many we have to do. Anything timed is so TENSE!!!!

But after....sweet lovely Thursday! My pharmacy school week is over and I can surrender myself to my family, my home, and myself.

So...I love and hate Thursday. :)

Janean said...

when you serve the Lord, love Him, His people and love what you do....how could you NOT love Sunday? great post! hugs.

"Intentionally Katie" said...

I love Sundays, too. It's our family day. I can't imagine how much time and effort goes into coordinating the weekend worship services. Our church is huge (I think you've mentioned yours is too) and our Praise Team is A. Maze. Ing. All of your hard work does NOT go unnoticed, I'm sure!!!

Richella said...

I'm with you on the Sunday thing. Part of the reason I'm loving Sundays so much right now is that we've helped to start a new church. We're still small, and we meet in an elementary school, so we have no bells and whistles. . . but we have lots of love AND a potluck after Sunday morning service every. single. week. Bliss.