Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Fireworks

We had a wonderful Fourth of July...went to church that morning, went home and ate yummy leftovers of some fiesta chicken (recipe coming later this week - not sure that's what we're going to call it, but whatever), took a delicious nap, ate some more yummy dinner that Sound Man grilled (chicken with Cavender's Greek Seasoning - YUMMMMMMY!), then filled up the cooler with some banana pudding (or as we say here in the South, 'nana puddin') and drinks, and headed off to Snowden Grove Park to watch the fireworks.

Sound Man and Kiddo played football while waiting for the sun to set.

Then joined me in the back of the truck for some 'nana puddin'.

Ugh. Did I really have to post this pic of me? Blech. Anyway, see the tripod set up by the truck? Sound Man was preparing for the show to come.


I love the sense of community this celebration creates. Love the community, not the traffic. There must have been 10,000 people or more in and around Snowden by the time the fireworks started. I loved it! Having to go to the non-existent bathroom the whole time, not so much.

Sound Man is a master at taking fireworks pictures with our point-and-shoot camera. This year he got some great shots, as well as some pretty funny ones, too.

Are these not gorgeous? I love just looking at them! They were exploding right over our heads and it was AWESOME!

This one we almost deleted when we loaded them off the camera, but Sound Man noticed that if you look closely, you can see the shape of stars in the little pinpoints. Aren't they pretty?

No, this is not Photo-shopped. It's a smiley face! This is something I hadn't seen before this year. I've seen stars and hearts, but no smileys!

Speaking of no smileys, what does this picture remind you of?

Anyone...anyone? Maybe.....

These guys? It's the first thing Sound Man and I said when we saw the picture!

The last picture is not a really good photo of fireworks, but I wanted to show you what was going on when the LOUDEST fireworks I had ever heard were firing off.

I love to feel fireworks, not just see them...well, feel them I did! It was great!

I hope you had a great weekend, too, and were able to celebrate our country's independence with your loved ones!


Dawn said...

those ARE amazing fireworks photos! WOW! worth the traffic, but no potty in sight? yikes!

i'm glad you had a great day. you really had your share of good days coming... and it makes me smile that you caught one!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Those fireworks pictures are great, Heather! So clear! They would look great framed or even as a computer wallpaper. As soon as I would have found out there was no potty, I would have had to go to the bathroom. Would love your chickent recipe. As long as it doesn't have flour or anything wheat related in it, I can eat it.

Tracey said...

It's only fair that you posted the picture of you in the back of the truck after I posted my bathing suit pic!

I love the fry guys fireworks!

Anonymous said...

Got here by googling "fry guy" + fireworks - I used to call them that when I was a kid.