Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sisters...Sisters...There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters...

I think of two things when I hear the word "sister." The first is my sister, Carlyn, and the other is the song "Sisters" from the movie White Christmas. It makes me smile.

Carlyn, Momma, me

But this post is about my sister, who happens to have started a blog herself. It's so funny to see the differences in our personalities come out on our respective blogs. She talks about Orthodox Christianity, I talk about contemporary worship. She talks about British comedy, I talk about falling down. A lot. She talks about reading St. Athanasius, I talk about reading e-books.
We've always been different. I'm brown-eyed, she's blue-eyed. I'm tall, she's...well...vertically challenged, shall we say? She got the Owen petite bone structure, while I got the Smith Amazon bone structure. She was thrilled to get War and Peace for Christmas one year. I was equally as happy that year with the complete sound track from Les Miserables.

But as different as we are, we still love each other very much. Without each other, neither one of us would have made it through Momma's illness and death with our sanity intact. We want to protect each other, and even though I'm younger there have been times when I've wanted to claw some eyes out in her defense. I'm extremely proud of her and what she has accomplished in her life. She has a master's degree in Special Education, something I'd never dare to venture into. She has taught college classes, as well as homeschooled her son. Sometimes I feel very unaccomplished next to her, but I know she doesn't see me that way.

I'm so thankful we get along. I can think of two sets of sisters that don't get along the way we do and it breaks my heart. One side tends to badmouth the other, and vice versa. Walking on eggshells is something I've never had to do with Carlyn, and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. Now that Momma's gone, our relationship is that much more important to me.

If you don't mind, head over to her blog, A Fresh Pot of Tea and say hello. She's on vacation right now, but when she gets back I know she'll be happy to "meet" you.

I love you, Sister!


Dawn said...

how fun to have your sister starting a blog! and that picture of you & your mom & your sister is such a precious gift :)

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Oh Heather! I haven't been in blogland for so long now! I didn't know you had a sister named Carlyn? You know my sister was Carolyn! We always watched White Christmas together and loved singing "Sisters" together. We were so different but loved each other so much! I miss her so very very very much! She would've been 49 last Tues. the 8th. I sure wish she had been here when Grandpa died! And now taking care of Grandmomma! You give your sister a big hug and kiss and a special "I love you!" just for me! God Bless! Aunt Lauralu

Sheree said...

"Lord, help the Mister, that comes between me and my Sister!" My kids and I love that show, especially where Bing and the other guy lip sync it with the big feather fan thingys, lol. Headed over to meet your Sister now. I never had a Sister, so all my bloggy friends are my Sisters!!!

CarlynB said...

Waaaahhhh! (That's me crying...)

I love you, too, Sister!