Friday, June 27, 2008

The Beauty of Tasmania

There is so much beauty to behold in Tasmania. I cannot begin to convey with words or even pictures the wonder I felt every day for two months. Almost every day God gave me a rainbow to remember that He keeps His promises, even showing me one made from snow. Yes, a snow-reflected rainbow. I'd never seen one before and haven't since. Which brings me to a point I've wanted to make, just have not had the chance. When we in the Northern Hemisphere are having summer, those in the Southern Hemisphere are having winter. Hence, the jackets and sweaters. Some days were colder than others, like the week before my birthday that I played in the snow at Cradle Mountain (where the wallaby got a little too personal).

When I first arrived they told me I had missed the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis), the Southern Hemisphere's version of our Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), by about a week. Determined to see them, I kept my eye on the night skies. I was never privileged to see the Southern Lights, but I remember the night we drove to a couple's house out in a very rural area. It was an extremely clear night, and when I emerged from the car, I gasped in wonder at the magnificence above me. The stars were simply breathtaking. They seemed so close that I almost thought I could reach out and touch them. How can I convey to you the wonder that I felt? My words simply fail me. I had never before beheld something that made me feel the Creator's presence more than I did that night.

Since my words are so inadequate, I thought I'd let some pictures tell their own tales for a change. I'll tell you where they're from, but that's about it. I'm sure if you want to know more about them you'll let me know.

Lake Barrington

Mount Roland, sunset

The Nut at Stanley

Rain forest waterfall

One of my almost daily rainbows

Southeastern coast, close to Port Arthur

Southeastern coast, close to Port Arthur

Church at Port Arthur, Historic Site

Cradle Mountain

Pastoral scene, Mount Roland

One of thousands of joyful faces made over the course of the summer, Mount Roland as backdrop, little wooly friend as companion


Susie Harris said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words. I can only imagine what it felt like to see it with your own eyes.. What a blessing... Susie H~

Kimba said...

Oh my word. You're not kidding. Those pictures are beautiful. How on earth can anyone not see God when they look at such beauty.

Nice hat, by the way. :-)

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Wow - did you take all those photos yourself? They are really beautiful shots - you're very handy with a camera!

My husband and I honey-mooned in Tasmania over 8 years ago and loved every wet, cold, peaceful minute of it. We have always said since that if/when we plan another holiday in the coming years - TAS will be the place we want to visit again.

You definitely managed to visit the most amazing destinations that are there and it sounds like you had a really relaxing time.

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tennislover said...

I love the pics they are so prettiful!!!