Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stop thinking I'm thinking!

Having received a couple of comments/emails asking if they were the ones who inadvertently caused my mental anquish yesterday, I thought I'd set some minds at ease. It was not my intention to cause any of you who read my blog undue stress, thinking you were the one I was posting about yesterday. First of all, my focus was not on the person, but on my problem and how I solved it.

Which brings me to a good point. How many of y'all who didn't email or comment still thought that you might be the "culprit?" See how easy it is to let our minds get away from what we know is true? Unless I tell you that you have hurt my feelings, rest assured you have not.

Thinking about what is true not only helps with my relationships, it can also be a big diffuser of worry and fear, if I'll only let it. I can get pretty worked up with worry. Be it bad weather, next school year, or the election in November, until those things happen, they are in the future, and the future is not truth. Yes, I should well prepare myself for these events, but getting in the tub if the clouds look a little dark, losing sleep over which curriculum is perfect, or fretting over whether or not to move to Australia come January is not healthy. I'm just kidding on that last one. Maybe.

Speaking of Australia, I'm really excited about what I'm planning on posting about next week. You'll just have to wait and see what it is! Don't get your hopes up, I can't even afford a trip to Arkabutla, so you can bet I'm not giving a trip to Australia away.

I am going to make it a goal in my life to try to live out Philippians 4:8 with my thought life. Taking all of it in one big chunk is daunting, but if I just try to let the Lord remind me what is true, it's a good start on the rest of the verse. Dont'cha think?

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