Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My furry babies

I've already introduced Windi to you. She was the one who was doing her best to cover up my sorry looking ottoman in this post.

Her official name is Gone With The Wind. Windi is my baby girl. Seeing as how the Lord has deemed that I should not have a human baby girl, Windi is a willing substitute. Oh, how willing. This dog is spoiled rotten. She sleeps at our feet at night. On our bed. We recently got a king size bed just so she would have more room. Not really, but that's what she thinks.

She is 11 years old, but really doesn't act like it. Her eyesight isn't what it used to be, but she still plays like she did when she was younger.

This is her favorite thing in all the world...her puppy. She plays with it, sleeps on it occasionally, and starts dog wars with it. She can't resist its powers. Puppy comes out and Windi herself becomes a puppy.

I would show you some more pictures of Puppy, but as soon as I said the word "Puppy", this is what occurred...

With Windi occupied, I'll now introduce you to Eeyore...I mean Shadow. Bless his heart, he is not the brightest crayon in the box. Or at least that's what Windi thinks. He is 8 years old and his name says it all...he is my Shadow.

Don't you love his face? You can't even see his eyes! His official name is Shadow of Promise, and he was born just a few months after my son was born. Both my husband and I were in the throes of depression after our first male Sheltie, Steele, died unexpectedly after having surgery. It hit my sweet husband much harder than it did me. Steele was his dog. He was a good dog, too. So a month or so after his death, when our breeder told us she had an almost exact match to Steele in one of her newborn litters, we did not think with our heads, but with our hearts, and claimed this sweet Sheltie.

While he did not take Steele's place, he did become a sweet dog (after being "fixed"...I wanted to sell him before that!), and now he is my dog. Don't let my son hear me say that. We got him so that the two of them could grow up together and Shadow would be his dog. Yeah, well we failed to catch on to the fact that dogs grow up much faster than babies do, so Shadow became fixated on his human caretaker...me.

Shadow even does tricks, even though he doesn't know he does tricks...

They shed like crazy, and they bark like crazy, but they really are sweet dogs. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I remember once I told a friend about an instance when Windi was sick and didn't make it outside before defiling my carpet. All down the hallway, no less. Anyway, my friend said she'd be getting rid of a dog if it had been her. I thought, "Get rid of her? My baby girl?" I couldn't fathom that. No matter what they do, they will always be a part of our family.

Get rid of those sweet faces? I think not.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THEM PUPS! And you have done such a good job training them.

Kimba said...

What beautiful dogs. I've always loved shelties.

I've made the tab-top mistake you mentioned. Hung them too low and they looked ridiculous.

Kat said...

You know I love your pooches!

Anonymous said...

Awww, sweet puppies.

CarlynB said...

I love Shadow's "fuzzy-shoes" feet!

Love you,


HeathahLee said...

I meant to mention his "fuzzy houseshoes" feet, but forgot!

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are so cute! Beautiful! We have two babies also. A Rottweiller and a Weagle (half weinny and half beagle) Ha! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy. It's nice to meet other hs mom's from my parts.

Anonymous said...

gotta love those guys. they are super sweet.