Friday, June 20, 2008

My Husband Rocks! Friday

I hate that I have not posted in the past couple of days...we have been busy as bees (what's left of them...) this week. I'll post about the busyness later. However, today is Friday and this post is another installment of My Husband Rocks! If you haven't been introduced to this fun idea, head on over to Katy Lin's place and read all about it. This was a wonderful idea.

Alright, back to it...This week My husband rocks because he is passionate about what he does, both in the workplace and in ministry.

My Sweet works in the safety industry, and his position is that of trainer. He trains all the new hires on everything there is to know about the company's products, and he works with his manager and other department co-workers in ongoing training for all employees when updates have to be made, new products are about to be introduced, etc. What is there to be passionate about with this? Well, he loves to teach people to where they understand not only about the products, but why their products are needed to keep people safe. When the new hires are done with their training, they have a full understanding of why the company is an important part of keeping industrial workers safe. My Sweet takes this role of his very seriously. Every time we pass by a job site or whatever and he sees an OSHA violation, he is quick to say "They need a blahdy blah blah to blahdy blah for that blah blah!" Of course, this goes right over my head, but I'm so proud of him for knowing what he knows, and for what he does to prevent injuries to countless people.

He is not only passionate about what he earns a paycheck for, but also about what he is called to do. He is our church's sound tech, and no matter what he feels like (most recently a sprained ankle, but also back pain from a bulging disc, even migraines) he is up at the crack of dawn on Sunday mornings before most everyone else, preparing for the band, the singers, the pastor, and any "oh by the way"s that come his way. He is most passionate about this area of his life. Mixing the sound to the best of his ability is what God has called him to right now, and just like his job at work, he takes his role very seriously.

I benefit from his drive to make things right. First, I get to put food on our table! While I may say that jokingly, I really mean it. Because he is passionate about his job, he is well respected at work. I don't have to worry about his job stability. (Not that God couldn't take it away, as He has in years past, and I realize that HE is where my security lies, not in my husband's job...but that's another post!) I also benefit from his passion to make the sound right at church, not only as an attender of the worship services, but also as an active participant in our creative arts ministry right alongside him.

Thank you, My Sweet, for everything you do. You make life a good place to be.

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emily at chatting at the sky said...

What a sweet tribute to your man. I'm sure he is all pink in the cheeks after reading that :) And thanks for your sweet encouragement about the conference. I am actually in Charlotte now and already had the peer rocks!