Monday, March 16, 2009

While I'm Down and Out

My nose feels like I've rubbed it with sandpaper. I sound like I have a train whistle in my chest. My fever is as wishy-washy as Lucy thinks Charlie Brown is. And that's the GOOD stuff that's going on.

I haven't been this sick for two years. I'm tyring to get up enough energy to fix Kiddo (who is no longer running fever but also sounds like he's got the guys from those Mucinex commercials in his lungs) some scrambled eggs. That's all the energy I can muster.

My precious, precious husband has done so much over the past few days. He has cooked (or picked up) every single meal, cleaned the kitchen, and even baked his most delicious white-chocolate-chip-chocolate cookies for his ailing family last night. He has even made numerous trips to the store to fetch something or other. HE. IS. A. GOOD. MAN.

Even though Kiddo is still coughing, he is feeling well enough to play computer games, and who am I to argue with him? So, he goes to one of his favorite sites, PBS Kids Go. A few minutes after I had lain down to take a nap, he runs into my room saying, "They have Two Rivers on PBS Kids!" I thought that was interesting, but not enough for me to get up right then.

So, after begging and begging for scrambled eggs, I decided I wouldn't let him starve and got up to fix his lunch. He was still playing the games online. I was floored. You have to see this to believe it.

The game has some of the same pictures I have, only drawn like a cartoon. I sit amazed. I would stand, but I'd probably fall over.

Let me know what you think about the game!


Darlene said...

Oh girl you need to get well! It is so hard to take care of everyone else when you are feeling lousy. I'm sending lots of wishes to you to GET WELL!!!♥

Songbirdtiff said...

Definitely get well soon! At least it doesn't happen every year!

I thought (wished!) I would die when I had the stomach bug a few weeks ago. It's no fun!

Kat said...

HEATAHLEE! YOUR HOUSE IS FAMOUS! YOU ARE FAMOUS! Of course let's remember who we are dealing with here...Ms. Free Grizzlies Game (over a dollar), Ms. Autographed Football Helmets, Ms. Runs into John Calapari, Ms. Gets Emails from Famous Authors. Oh yeah. You know that's you. I'm really starting to think I should get your autograph. Really though, I cannot believe your house, Two Rivers, is on PBS Kids. Amazing. I'm in shock. I'm in awe. Shock and awe :)

Sarah Mae said...

That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!! Wow! I wish I was famous like you...


Hope you feel better soon!

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Heather! I'm so sorry you're so sick! I'm at work right now but I quickly went over to that game! How cool is that! I'll look at it more tonite after dancing with the stars of course! Love you guys! Aunt Lauralu

Anonymous said...

Why should I be surprised that your famous family has a really cool house on a great website? I mean, come on, you are the Queen of Historical Coolness. Glad to hear that Kiddo is on the mend.

Can't believe the cookies did not make you any better. The Mucinex Max Strength worked best for me and my nasty cough that lingered for months. It was better than my extra expensive rx. Feel better soon.

I'll have to show Abby the site. She'll like to play at your house. :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hope you feel better soon. That picture of two rivers is just too neat. Crazy I tell ya! Dont feel alone cause that crud I had while doing Maddys room came back. I ran fever again and my nose is stuffy but running..go figure?
Cant wait till spring and all of this sickness is behind us. I never run fever...crazy. I hope your passes soon. Get some rest!

Shannon said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon! That is not fun.

southern queen bee said...

Hope you are better soon. Get lots of rest..