Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Putting Others First - A Tyndale Review

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I knew Tyndale published books. I'm now a reviewer for them. What I didn't know was that they publish more than just books. When I had the opportunity to review a children's DVD, I thought it would be a nice change.

I chose an episode from Chuck Swindoll's Paws and Tales. These sweet DVD's (there are several in the series) are great tools to use when teaching your children Biblical principles, and the one I chose to review is called, Putting Others First.

In the first episode, "A Race Against Time," friends C.J. and Staci have to decide if they want to help someone in need, or disappoint their Paw Paw Chuck. This episode would be good for younger kids, from age 6 to 8, I'd guess. My 11 year-old son watched it with me and while he enjoyed it just for the entertainment value (we laughed quite a bit), it was geared toward children slightly younger than he is.

The second episode, "The Hire Principle," I watched by myself, but I think Kiddo would have enjoyed this one a lot. In my opinion, it was geared toward older children around his age. C.J. and His friends have to deal with a classmate, Tiffany, who is bent on blackmailing anyone who doesn't do her bidding. Because the theme in general just seems to be for older children, I would recommend parents watch this one with their younger kids. They might not be familiar with the term "blackmail," even though they might have faced it. The subject of revenge is also addressed, and should be discussed with kids of any age.

In general, I thought these two stories were good jumping off points for parents who want to discuss these issues with their kids. While not Disney animation, it was well done and the characters were likable and fun. Like I said, we laughed quite a bit. Now, the song at the end of the first video my son thought was so cheesy he left the room, but younger kids would have enjoyed it. I could picture little ones dancing to it, for sure. And the second song was about the same, although Kiddo didn't see it to let me know if it was, in fact, "cheesy" like the first one.

If I had younger kids, I would definitely purchase more of these DVD's. I can tell that they would be watched over and over, something not all kid's DVD's can claim.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with this complimentary DVD in exchange for a fair review. The opinion stated in this review is my own.

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