Thursday, October 13, 2011

Glow Crazy!

Have you heard about GlowCrazy? I had not until just a few days ago when they approached me about reviewing a new product they are coming out with. If it is as cool as the rest of their stuff, Kiddo is going to be spending lots of time in the dark. On his terms, not mine. Heh.

GlowCrazy is a Christian-based company and in addition to their new Glow Glove (which I will review later this month), they have launched their free, limited edition Christian-themed stencils for children to incorporate their faith into their playtime each day. The Christian Stencils are being featured on GlowCrazy's Facebook page, and you have to "like" them to be able to download them. The first line of Christian stencils is based on the Noah’s Ark, and the second line of Christian Stencils (launched September 15th) includes Christian Symbols: a loaf of bread, a fish, and a boat. My favorite are the Noah's Ark Stencils. One is the shape of the ark with silhouettes of animals on top, as well as a dove flying off. Cute! They also have a Halloween themed Stencil in the shape of a Pumpkin. These stencils would be so cute using the Glow Wand and Glow Canvas.

Watch the short video (it's like a commercial) on Glow Crazy's website to see how you would use these. Personally, I can't wait to get their new product to review. I've been sitting here needing to do my grocery list but haven't yet because I've been playing with their online Glow Game. They have won several toy awards (you can see the images on their Facebook page) and since they are a Christian company, I'm excited to review for them.

Now "glow" check them out! Hardy har har!

I received no compensation for this review. Glow Crazy approached me and asked for an honest review without anything in exchange, which I was happy to give. The opinion given is my own.

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