Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Interrupt This Series...

...to bring you a message from Etsy Mom. Well, actually, it's from me, but it's about Etsy Mom. What the heck is Etsy Mom, you ask? It's an Etsy team I'm on, and they created a challenge based on Pantone's 2011 Fashion color trends.You can go here to see the color palettes we chose from to work with, as well as see all the entries. After you look at the entries and decide which one best fits the color palette criteria, at the bottom of the post you will be directed to the voting "booth."

Yes, I submitted a sweet, precious, to-die-for tassel (it's in my Etsy shop and currently the first one in my little Etsy mini over there -->), but I don't want you to vote for me just because you love me. I want you to vote for me only if you think I did the best at interpreting the color palette I chose.Okay, I'm done with my spiel. Now, go vote! (Pretty Please?)

Oh, voting ends October the 14th and you can only vote once, so choose carefully! :)

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