Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Day at the Studio

Okay, well, it was actually only about an hour. But still. I mean, I was at Ardent Studios...the list of artists who have recorded there is a virtual who's who of music. James Taylor....B.B. King....ZZ Top...not to mention Christian artists like Skillet and Todd Agnew. I was soooo nervous to be going in there last Friday! Nervous, but definitely excited!

During the concert, I sang with my two favorite people in the world to sing with, Billy and Sherry, also known as BDub and Sherrylynn. I heart singing with them. We needed to tweak the song from the concert, so all three of us went into the studio. Billy had already recorded his stuff, and Sherry and I were next.

Some of the pics are blurry, because we didn't want to distract Jason Latshaw, who is mixing and producing our CD, by flashing every three seconds. But, I did want y'all to see what I got to do. So, here you go...

Here I am about to lose my breakfast I'm so nervous. Latch was getting coffee. I was getting butterflies.My little room.

Getting the headphones set.

I think I'm probably listening to what I'm supposed to be singing with. I'm so glad Billy had already come in and recorded his part, or I would have NEVER known what to sing!

I love this picture...it shows me singing and the reflection in the glass is my sweet Sound Man taking my picture!

Another favorite, but only because it shows Latch telling me my pitch is not quite good enough. HA! No, really. He was sooooo patient!Look at this board! My husband was salivating.

See? Okay, maybe not.

Latch doing what he does. And is good at. No, he's GREAT at it!

Then it was Sherrylynn's turn. She did beautifully! As always.

To let you hear just a little bit, here's my favorite video. Only because of what Latch says at the end!

It was so much fun, and was over too quickly. Maybe I should have messed up more. Heh heh...naaaah.


Kat said...

It's hard being famous, isn't it?

I wouldn't know ;)

BLJ Graves Studio said...

What an exciting opportunity!

Darlene said...

How NEAT...you are a recording artist!!!!! FAMOUS is just around the corner!!!