Friday, October 16, 2009

Turkeys and Snowmen and Reindeer, Oh My!

Well, that title is not as catchy as the original, but you get my drift. I have virtually disappeared from blogland the past couple of weeks because I have been working my tail off on tassels. I know you're sick of me talking about tassels. I can't help it. I lurve them. I lurve making them, I lurve selling them, I lurve giving them, I lurve using them in my own house. So, here's yet another post about tassels. Or, rather, tassels to be.

This is my craft area. Or, rather, part of my craft area. I sort of have it spread all over the back part of the kitchen. And office.

I'm very organized. Or, rather, I used to be. Heh heh. Would you rather I stop using rather? You know how if you say your name over and over really fast it starts to sound funny? Try doing that with "rather". Same thing happens.

Oh, sorry. Back to my story. See, out of this chaos comes beauty. This lovely appliance has been my right hand...

...or, rather, has burned my right hand. And I think it laughed after it did it. But such is the life of a crafter.

Hmmm....wonder what these beauties are discussing.

I guess they're really not beauties since they're males, so what would you call them? Handsomies?

What about handies? BAHAHAHAHAHA! I crack myself up. Anyway, they're in line to get all gussied up for the holidays. So is this fella...

I think he'd rather be on a tassel than what's going to happen to his kin in about a month. I've got a few more cuties up my sleeve. Or, rather, on my table.

Oh, just you wait till you see what I do with these sweeties. Oh. My. Word. You can't HANDLE the cuteness.

What I was about to say a minute ago before I so rudely interrupted myself was that out of the chaos of the table comes beautiful things like this...

...and this......and this...And I lurve it.


southerninspiration said...

Oh, you HAVE been busy, Heathahlee!! They are all so pretty!! I hope you sell them all......are you just selling them on Etsy or do you have plans to do a craft fair?
Good luck!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Now you know we never get tired of They are just beautiful!!

Thena said...

lol "rather". I would rather hear that than like every other word. Good luck in your sales.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I rather lurve your tassels! : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Friend, I'm afraid that there are subtle fumes coming from your right hand and they have affected your thought process.. Kidding.

Your work is lovely, and I am certain that Kiddo will excel in arts and crafts this school year. :)

Craft away darling!!