Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Swap!

The Pink Potpourri is one of my favorite blogs to read. Allie has daily topics she talks about and they never cease to make me smile. Well, she is hosting a swap this week and I am all about swapping. Recipes, happies, clean jokes, whatever. I love to interact with other people. You wouldn't guess that about me if you saw me grocery shopping in Wal-mart. Or at Logan's trying to eat a hamburger with a little br...uh...girl throwing food at us. (Not kidding, this happened tonight)

Okay, back to interacting with people. I love it. I hate missing anything I think there will be people I love at. That was totally bad grammar but it's too late for me to be caring about all that. I also love free stuff. So, to mingle my love of interacting with people as well as my love of all things free, I am participating in Allie's swap!

We have to choose at least three things we are willing to swap, then let Allie know what our choices are. Then she will set us up with a partner to swap with. I think I'm going to chose a recipe, a bird, and a haven't-quite-figured-out-what-to-call-these-yet decoration. If you'd like to get in on the fun, head on over to The Pink Potpourri!

My Favorite Things Swap (Hosted By The Pink Potpourri) - Click here to join!


CaraBee said...

What a great idea! I'll have to check out the Pink Potpourri, sounds like fun! Those paper decorations are really interesting. It never occurred to me that you could blend tissue paper and water and make something completely new.

Thanks for coming by the Land of Bean on Maryland Day at BATW!

The Pink Potpourri said...

thanks for the wonderful post about my blog! you are so very sweet :) and I'm SO glad you've signed up to be a part of the swap! your buddy will be one very lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Now, that sounds like fun. You always take me to the best parties. I'm so glad I'm you friend. :)

-- Brandi

Anonymous said...

I love your new banner! I did wonder if it's supposed to look kind of fuzzy around the bottom. Anyway, I love it!