Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Trip to Kat's (among other things)

A few weeks ago Kiddo and I ventured south to my best bud, Kat's, house. Why am I just now posting about it? I'll get to that later. I want to talk about our time down there first.

Kat and her family have a really great above ground pool, so one of the highlights of the trip was the all-day swim by Kiddo and Moose, Kat's sweet little boy. Of course, Fep, Kat's beautiful daughter, swam as well, but she got out more than the boys did. They were in it for the long haul.

We had to do some things before the swimming commenced, though. First, I had brought the promised gifts of the birds to Kat and Fep. That was a big to-do. We had to figure out just where to place Kat's bird, and I'm sure it's been moved since we settled on a resting spot.

Then we had to go stalk a little old lady's house. Not really. Kat's hairdresser told her about a lady she knew who was selling her property for a song, so I wanted to go see where it was. We even pulled in her driveway. I hope she didn't see us.

Then, since we were out anyway, I begged asked Kat if we could go into town to the Dollar Tree to find some birds. I bought one just so I could show Kat what color they are originally. I ended up giving it to her. The two birds hit it off really well once we got home. Look, here they are having quite the chat...

Reminds me of us when we're together. Chat, chat, chat. Anyway, we ate burgers that Kat grilled and had ice cream in the shade of the carport...

Then we noticed the dogs. Dixie, her Corgi pup, and Rupert, her Beagle mix, love each other. Love to torment each other, more like it. We watched as it went from this...To this...
To this...

If you look close enough, Dixie's tongue is hanging out like she's drawing her last breath. Don't let her fool you...She can hold her own.

Kiddo and I were just about to wrap up our fun day and head home when Kat told me to have a seat. I wondered what she had up her sleeve. She came back in with something behind her back and told me she couldn't wait for my birthday to give me what she was about to give me...
A Nester Tassel! I couldn't believe it. It's so pretty, and it goes really well on my china cabinet. I gave her a big hug for such a sweet gift. Kat always gives really great gifts. This may sound funny, but one of her best ones was my Iced Tea Pot. That thing is worth its weight in gold.

I have loved both Nester's and Susie Harris's tassels for a while now, admiring from afar, wondering where I'd put one if I had one, and now I'm the owner of TWO tassels, one from each of them! In case you didn't hear, I WON a Susie Harris tassel yesterday! I AM IN TASSEL HEAVEN! I can't wait till my rooster gets here!

Now, why should this be so significant? Why do I bring up gifts and winnings and all that jazz? Why is it fair that I get TWO tassels within a few short weeks of each other? Well, because today is my birthday. There. I said it. Debbie, aren't you proud?

Yes, August 3rd is my birthday. I'll post this week about different birthday memories, one of which was spent in Tasmania.

So there you go. It's the best birthday I've ever had as a blogger. The fact that it's the only birthday I've ever had as a blogger is beside the point. Had I not started blogging I wouldn't have "met" all of my new friends.

That in itself is the best bloggy present I could possibly imagine.


Darlene said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Heathahlee....
Happy Birthday to you......
What a fabulous gift from your friend...a tassel!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Kat said...

That Kat, she's a good one, she is. Humble, too. Okay enough about me. It IS your birthday after all.

Ahem...Happy, happy birthday toooo yoooooouuuu. Happy, happy birthday toooo yoooouuuuu. Happy, happy biiiiiirthday dear Heathahleeeeeeeeeee, happy, happy birthday tooooo yoouuuuu.

I would call you and sing that to you just like that. But I'm scared I'll wake you from a Sunday afternoon nappy napperstein. It seems everytime I call you on Sunday that's what happens!! Well, I'm off to take me a little Sunday afternoon rest. I'll call you tomorrow and sing to you. I know you don't want to miss it!

Happy Birthday :)!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

I was gonna make my way over here eventually...haven't blogged for three days! But when I got your email I rushed over ;) Have a very very happy birthday and yes, take a nap...Do whatever you want to's your day! And how lucky are you two have two famous tassels ;)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there.....I enjoyed your blog...I see you like to decorate. Wanted to say Happy Birthday. Love your new tassels yo got. cherry

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

What a wonderful week for you. Fun with a best friend, best friend buys you awesome tassel, you win tassel.....that's even more awesome. Yes, life is good, and you are blessed.
Happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Heather!
Nick's was the 2nd, and his brother's is the same day as yours.

You gonna tell us how old you are? LOL


Anonymous said...

See, you had such a great week! Now, where to put all of your tassel pretties? Do you have a spot for the rooster picked out?

Did you enjoy Enchanted? It's a favorite in my house.

Enjoy your birthday glow all week!!

-- B