Friday, August 29, 2008

My Husband Rocks! Friday

Y'all really need to head over to Katy Lin's this week and show her some love. She's had a hard week! She may not even feel like participating in her own creation. As we say here in the South, bless her heart! But it is Friday, so I will continue on in honor of mon capitaine.

Since I brought it up earlier this week I wanted to talk more about my banner. Why am I doing that on My Husband Rocks? Because My Husband is the one who made it!

He is in his happy place when he is creating things on his iMac at work. When I told him I wanted a new look for my banner, we started discussing how I wanted it to look. He took my ideas and created what I think is the prettiest banner I could have imagined for my blog.

He just gets better and better at this creating thing. While he had to make some changes that I wanted, his basic idea was kept intact. I love the "wild meadow" feel to it. I can just hear Bambi yelling "The MEADOOOOOW!"

The little caterpillar at the bottom is my favorite, though. He didn't start out that way. He started out as solid brown. You can see why I asked my husband to put some stripes on him, for goodness sake.

When people enter our blogs, we want the first thing they see to be beautiful. My husband rocks because he has that down to an art form! Thank you, My Sweet, for letting me reap the benefits of your creative mind!


Christina said...

That's so awesome! It's a lovely banner!!

Katy Lin :) said...

what a great guy! the banner is absolutely wonderful!

thanks for thinking of me and for your sweet comments :)

Darlene said...

Yep your husband does rock cause it is a fabulous banner. This family knows nothing about doing all that fancy stuff!! LOVE yours!

Tamie said...

your banner is fantabulous! your hubby did a great job (with a little coaching from you) way to build him up!
and i just wanted to thank you for stopping by my place yesterday! (honestly...i can sell my state, but i haven't been to a lot of those places on my list ...well maybe i'm glad that the both of you combined have gone to a fair number of them)