Monday, October 25, 2010

My Soul is Full!

Okay, I know you want to hear ALLLLLL about Relevant. And I want to tell you ALLLLLL about it. But there is just too much. I have to write everything down, and process all I wrote, and filter, and pray, and praise, and,'s going to be a long process.

I will say that this weekend was better, more life-giving, more restful, than I EVER thought it would be. I met so many amazing women I lost count. I agree with Kristen when she says, "Know this: the weekend had very little to do with blogging." It was more about meeting God.

There are so many posts out there about the weekend I'm sure you can find one, but the one I've read so far that sums it up best for me would be Kristen's. Read it here.

And if you don't already subscribe to Ann Voskamp, do it. NOW. No...I mean it!

Never fear. I will post. And post and post and post. I'm telling's too much.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I can't believe it...I just can't believe it. It's finally here. Tomorrow morning (before the crack of dawn...I have to leave my house about 4:30...IN THE MORNING!) I leave for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to join 199 other women for the Relevant Conference.

Oh, how I'm looking forward to this. I can't wait to share my experiences, not to mention pictures. My husband bought two extra camera batteries just for the trip. I take a lot of pictures.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to resting. Sure, I'll probably stay up later than I should, and eat junk all weekend, but I will be getting soul rest. And maybe a little body rest, too.

See you when I get back!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Still Love Fall

To say "Thank you" to all of you who have shared a sweet word of encouragement after Momma's passing wouldn't nearly be enough. I wish I could give every one of you a hug. Please know that I took every word to heart and they all lifted my spirits.

Things are slowly...very slowly getting back to normal. I have yet to clean up the guest room which was Momma's room while she was here. There are some things I really need to do in there, and yet I just don't want to face it. I still have to work through some things...but I'm getting there.

I was just talking to one of my mother's best friends and she mentioned that fall seemed to be the time of year when most of her loved ones have passed away. She said that she just didn't like fall very much for that reason. While the same could be said of my family, losing loved ones hasn't made me change my mind about fall. It's still my favorite season. Yes, I'll always have the memories of losing my precious family members, but that can't take away from the beauty around me.

Just this morning I looked out the window to see my Crape Myrtle turning its fall shade of orange red against the brilliant blue October sky. The temperatures are finally normal, which for us is a perfect 72 degrees as a high today. The breeze is blowing through the window, and my wind chimes are playing a happy melody just outside. Wind chimes that Momma gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Sweet song.

These pictures are from last year, but the scenario is the same...

And I can't wait for this beautiful tree to turn golden. It's on one of the streets on the way to the library. It is SO gorgeous.

Yes, while fall brings back bittersweet memories and will bring back even more next year, it still makes my heart smile.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am so tired right now my eyes are almost crossing as I'm typing. I'm tired of the phone, computer, texting. My brain hurts. But, it's okay. I wanted to stay on here for just a minute longer to tell you.

Momma met Jesus face to face about 3 in the afternoon yesterday.

Blessed, blessed peace.