Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As the Holidays Approach...

As I was emailing a customer back and forth on Etsy about a change she wanted on a tassel, it hit me that she made the decision to purchase something handmade. She could have looked in any store, either on foot or online, but she chose to find what was perfect for her from someone who could customize the item.

As the holidays approach, keep in mind that purchasing gifts from handmade sellers not only helps them support their families, it also gives you the opportunity to customize the perfect gift.

If you need any help with finding the perfect gift, browse the shops that Butterfly Genes has liked on Facebook, or ask me for a recommendation (you can email me at butterflygenes (at) yahoo (dot) com. You can also go to my Etsy page and browse the shops I like. I started to put all my favorite shops on here but it just got to be too long! Never fear, I will add a new post with that information soon!

I'm not silly enough to think that a tassel is the perfect gift for everyone (though I wish it was!), but more than likely you'll find what you're looking for without having to traipse the mall this Christmas season. Just my two cents' worth. 
(P.S. - All these tassels are custom orders either in progress or finished product. What can I make for you?)