About me

Hi there! I'm Heathahlee (but you can just call me Heather...more on my name in just a sec...) and I'm so glad you have stopped by.

I am a Christian wife and mom who has been a member of a Southern Baptist church since the day I was born. But you know what? That didn't make me a Christian. When I was 28 years old, I realized that I had never nailed down a relationship with my Creator, and I was miserable. I turned my life over to Him and He has been my Life-giver, Sustainer, and Hope. No one and nothing mean more to me than my beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ.

Having said that, let me introduce you to the man that means the most to me on Earth. He goes by Sound Man on my blog because that's what he is...he is one of our sound techs at our church, running sound for our worship services. Yeah, I love him a lot.

Then there's my Kiddo.
He's fifteen. I homeschool him. I am vastly underpaid. All kidding aside, he is such a bright, intelligent (was that redundant?) young man that teaching him is as much a joy as it is a challenge.

And my pooch. Jonathan, our Golden Retriever mix, is six years old. I heart this dog!

We've recently added a kitty to our household. Her name is Beanie, and she is the sweetest thing!

She doesn't like to be held, which is her only fault. Well, that and yakking on my comforter. Stupid hair balls. Anyway, she came to us from some friends who were moving to Ohio and couldn't take her with them. After learning how to deal with each other (much wailing and gnashing of teeth!), she and Jonathan are best buds. They are so sweet to each other.

As far as hobbies, I have a passion for tassels! I started making them in 2008 as gifts for the women in my family, and it stuck! I have an Etsy shop called Butterfly Genes Tassels.I would love to make a custom tassel for you!

I also love making page wreaths. I've been doing more of that lately than tassels!

There is so much more to me than just these paragraphs. I love to lead others in worship, I love to craft, I love to hang out with my friends, and I love to blog!

As far as my name goes, here's the story...

A few years ago, some friends and I started talking about middle names. I piped up and said that whenever my Daddy was upset with me when I was little he'd say my first and middle name. Not unusual for parents to do. The fun part of my information was relaying the fact that Daddy has the genteel Southern dialect that not many of us in the South still use (although Hollywood still thinks we do...they also think we marry our cousins). Like, saying "buttuh" for butter. Or "juniuh" for junior. My cousins made this phrase up when we were little, saying that it summed up my Daddy's accent: "Heathah, throw the buttuh out the winduh with the Whoppah Juniuh."

My middle name is Lee, so when Daddy said my name it came out "Heathah Lee!" My friend, Brent, said, "Oh, from now on you are SO "HeathahLee!" And it kinda stuck.

I'm kinda glad.