Friday, February 10, 2012

"Trust Me," He Says

I've never participated in Lisa Jo's "5-Minute Friday" link up, but when I saw today's word, I knew I had to.


Trust is the one word that keeps cropping up in my mental vocabulary. Trust God with this. Trust God with that.

Trust God with the mouse that is wreaking havoc on my state of mind, leaving little presents on my desk, ottoman, dining room floor...ugh. Yes, I know that I'm like a bajillion times the size of that thing, but...can you spell out the sound for when you shiver the big, whole body shiver? If you can, please let me know how it goes, because I sure would love to write it. right. here. *shivers*

Trust God that He will give clear direction on what we're supposed to do with Kiddo's school next year. Problems that keep coming up seem to point to putting him in school, but is that my fault or his? Or is there any fault at all? And if we put him in school, should we wait until the volatile years of junior high are over and the only-less-slightly volatile years of high school have begun? Will he be ready for college if we keep homeschooling? Tim Tebow was! Ugh. I don't know.


And I didn't even get to the Trust God with our finances, which is the biggest one of all. The one that looms the largest over our home. I guess the lessons I'm learning by reading through the Old Testament again are as timely as they always have been."Trust Me," He says.

I trust you, Father. Help me trust you more.

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