Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's in the Bible?

We LOVE "What's In the Bible?" LOVE it. If you haven't heard about it, just go to their website and look around. Ask your friends. Read Amazon reviews. You will wonder how your kids learned anything about the Bible before these DVD's. Okay, maybe not, but they really are good.

Narrated and performed (as in every. single. puppet. and voice!) by Phil Vischer of VeggieTales fame, each DVD is chock full of Biblical information. Some of which I never knew, and I've been in church since the womb.

Right now is a great time to make a purchase from the "What's in the Bible?" store. You can save 30% when you spend $30 or more. You will NOT regret it, and your kids will love it.

Here's the coupon:

Just a disclaimer...if you click the coupon above and make a purchase, I get a little bit of commission, as I'm a "What's in the Bible?" affiliate. But don't think that's why I'm recommending these DVD's. I'm an affiliate because I believe in them!

Buying Butter is No Laughing Matter

Unless you're shopping at Kroger.

I'm not sure my if feelings should be hurt or not...