Monday, August 22, 2011

Keychain Tassels/Purse Charm Order Form

If you would like a different color, please email me at butterflygenes (at) yahoo (dot) com. I will be happy to customize your keychain!

To make it easier to order, I have simplified the process. Just go to which color you'd like, then choose either the round keychain or ball chain.

Also, if there are special instructions (like "leave Relevant ribbon off"), let me know in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! You can email me at butterflygenes (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Keychain Tassel - Burgundy

Burgundy Style

Keychain Tassel - Blue

Blue Style

Keychain Tassel - Coral

Coral Style

Please allow up to three weeks for your tassel to arrive. I am making them as the orders come in so I know what colors to paint, so it will take a little while to get yours ready. Also, I'm using first class shipping to keep the cost down.

Thank you for your purchase!

Going to Relevant 2011

If you're coming over from Denise in Bloom, Welcome! And if you're not, Welcome to you, too! : )

Denise is hosting a sort of Relevant 2011 meet and greet today so I wanted to join in. I can't tell you how excited I am to be attending Relevant again this year. Last year was so amazing I prayed I would be able to go to this year's conference.

I won't go into why I call myself "Heathahlee" because you can read that here, but I'll tell you a little about myself, then I want to tell you about something God has done for me already regarding the conference. A lot of what is in this post is in an earlier post I did for the M.O.B. Society blog hop, so stop me if you've heard this before. : )

My blog is about my life...the good, the bad, and the crafty! And I throw a homeschool post in the mix every once in a while. I talk about my husband,(He ROCKS! We've been married 16 years. He's my best friend.)

my Kiddo,
(He is our only kiddo, much to his dismay most of the time. He feels like we have deprived him by not having any siblings for him, but I try to tell him that we really didn't have much to do about that and that evidently the Lord knew he was enough for us to handle. Heh. He rolls his eyes. He's eleven...'nuff said.)

my dog, (Isn't he cute? And SPOILED!)

my ministry, (I'm the alto section leader of our choir and direct every other time we sing. I'm also on the Praise Team. I adore what I get to do each week, leading our church to worship the Savior!)

my tassels,

(You can see more of them at my Etsy shop, Butterfly Genes. I lurve making, giving, and selling these pretty things for your home.)

...among other things like recipes, reading the Bible in 90 days (yes it can be done!), and other random stuff.

Back to what I said earlier about what God has done for me regarding Relevant. I needed a sponsor. I begged God for a sponsor. I wrote letters. I sent emails. I made phone calls. Nothin'. Nada. Zilch. Not one "yes." I wondered if I was doing something wrong since so many other people were successfully getting a sponsor.

I already had my ticket to the conference, but needed the sponsorship for everything else. So, I decided I needed to do something on my own to try to get the money. I started thinking about my tassels and how I could make them more marketable and came up with the idea of keychain tassels.

Oh. My. Goodness. I absolutely adore them. I was terrified at the idea of doing something I had never tried and had never seen done before, and I put it off for a long time. I finally realized I HAD to do something, and came up with this...
Squeeeeeee! Do you see what the ribbon in front says? Relevant '11! So, I put it out there and tweeted and posted (all this since Thursday of last week) and so far I have about 10 orders.

So, I was still nervous about getting all the money together to buy my plane ticket, like, NOW, when all of a sudden I got a phone call out of the blue from someone who is close to me, but I haven't spoken with in a while. She asked me how much I needed for Relevant and I told her. She said, "Well, I've got $300 or $400 I'll give you."

Me: "WHAT?????? Why would you do that?"

Her: "It was either that or get Botox and I figured it would be better spent giving it to you."

HA! She told me the Lord had put it on her heart to do this. Who am I to argue? :)

So, my plane ticket is paid for. Well, technically not yet, but it will be. God is so good. My husband told me he felt like God wanted me to step out in faith with these tassels and do the work, and THEN He'd provide.

I still need money for my room and other expenses associated with the trip, so I still need to sell quite a few more, but what a burden has been lifted! If you'd like one, click any of the links associated with the order post either in this post or at the top of my sidebar. You can also order them without the Relevant ribbon.

I look forward to meeting you at Relevant 2011 in October!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keychain Tassels Available!

Edited to add: I have made a special post just to order the keychain tassels. If you would like to order, please go to this post. Thank you!

I am so stinkin' excited and nervous and scared and giddy all at the same time. I hope I don't wreck the internet doing this. Please don't kill me if I do!

I told you on Tuesday that I was making keychain or purse tassels to be able to buy my plane ticket to the Relevant Conference, but I wasn't quite ready with the other designs. Well, they are ready (for the most part...I still have a brown one I'm toying with but he's not wanting to cooperate) and available for sale. I will show you pics of each one, then you can choose from the designs by clicking on their individual buttons. EEEEEK! I'm so excited!

First, let me tell you a bit about them. They are about 5 inches tall from the top of the finial to the bottom of the ribbon, and about 3 inches wide at their widest. They have a sweet "Relevant '11" Ribbon on the front, but you can choose not to have that ribbon placed on them.

The burgundy one has brown, light blue, and burgundy ribbon with cream brush fringe.

The blue one has cream, light orange, light blue, and brown (with cute blue flowers) ribbon with cream fringe.

The coral one (I originally wanted this to be orange but this color seemed better) has cream, bluish gray, brown, and burgundy ribbon with cream fringe.

You can choose to have them made with a round keychain or a ball chain.

If you would like for me to leave the Relevant '11 ribbon off your tassel, I can do that as well. There is a special instruction place during checkout, and that's where you will let me know you don't want the ribbon.

Please allow up to three weeks for your tassel to arrive. I am making them as the orders come in so I know what colors to paint, so it will take a little while to get yours ready. Also, I'm using first class shipping to keep the cost down.

Am I forgetting anything? If I am and you think of it, please let me know and I will add it here!

Happy shopping! : )

Relevant Tassel - Burgundy

Burgundy Style

Relevant Tassel - Blue

Blue Style

Relevant Tassel - Coral

Coral Style

Thank you for your purchase!

Putting Others First - A Tyndale Review

I Review For The Tyndale Blog Network

I knew Tyndale published books. I'm now a reviewer for them. What I didn't know was that they publish more than just books. When I had the opportunity to review a children's DVD, I thought it would be a nice change.

I chose an episode from Chuck Swindoll's Paws and Tales. These sweet DVD's (there are several in the series) are great tools to use when teaching your children Biblical principles, and the one I chose to review is called, Putting Others First.

In the first episode, "A Race Against Time," friends C.J. and Staci have to decide if they want to help someone in need, or disappoint their Paw Paw Chuck. This episode would be good for younger kids, from age 6 to 8, I'd guess. My 11 year-old son watched it with me and while he enjoyed it just for the entertainment value (we laughed quite a bit), it was geared toward children slightly younger than he is.

The second episode, "The Hire Principle," I watched by myself, but I think Kiddo would have enjoyed this one a lot. In my opinion, it was geared toward older children around his age. C.J. and His friends have to deal with a classmate, Tiffany, who is bent on blackmailing anyone who doesn't do her bidding. Because the theme in general just seems to be for older children, I would recommend parents watch this one with their younger kids. They might not be familiar with the term "blackmail," even though they might have faced it. The subject of revenge is also addressed, and should be discussed with kids of any age.

In general, I thought these two stories were good jumping off points for parents who want to discuss these issues with their kids. While not Disney animation, it was well done and the characters were likable and fun. Like I said, we laughed quite a bit. Now, the song at the end of the first video my son thought was so cheesy he left the room, but younger kids would have enjoyed it. I could picture little ones dancing to it, for sure. And the second song was about the same, although Kiddo didn't see it to let me know if it was, in fact, "cheesy" like the first one.

If I had younger kids, I would definitely purchase more of these DVD's. I can tell that they would be watched over and over, something not all kid's DVD's can claim.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with this complimentary DVD in exchange for a fair review. The opinion stated in this review is my own.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tassel Tuesday - Relevant '11 Tassels!

This is the most anticipated Tassel Tuesday post yet. By me, anyway. I'm so stinkin' excited to show you what I've been planning, working on, scheming...okay, maybe not scheming, but whatever. I have been so nervous about this, and to finally see the outcome of it is so sweet. Especially when it turned out this cute.

See, I need a way to get to Relevant. I have my ticket, but I haven't bought my plane ticket. And no sponsor has shown up on a white horse to save the day. So, I turned to what I know. Tassels. But I wanted to find a new way to do them so that it was something that Relevant '11 attendees would actually like to have.

Enter...the keychain tassel...Is this not the cutest thing? And notice anything special on the ribbon in front?Yep! "Relevant '11"! I bought it from Namemaker, where they make personalized ribbons. Ever since I saw The Nester's personalized ribbon on a tassel I got as a gift, I've wanted to use them. I squealed when I opened my package. It's sooooo sweet!

But back to the tassel, you don't have to use it just as a keychain. You can use it as a purse charm: How cute is that?
The tassel, not the purse. But it was the best one I had...if anyone wants to hook a sistah up with a good deal on a bag, let me know. Wait...all my extra pennies are going toward Relevant, so nevermind.

So far, this is the only color I have, but I've already started working on light blue, creamy orange, dark brown, and more burgundy ones. Basically all the colors of the Relevant badge and website. I can't wait to make more of these baby tassels.

I hope more people than just myself think they are the cutest thing since puppies, and that maybe I'll be leavin' on a jet plane when October 26th rolls around. And by the way, you don't have to be going to Relevant to purchase one. I can just leave the Relevant ribbon off.

I also can make this a regular tassel with a ribbon hanger if you'd rather have that. I'm all about making it custom!

If you would like to purchase one, please let me know. Just know that I will be posting other colors later this week. I just couldn't wait to show you today!

I will not be putting these on Etsy (at least yet), so you can purchase them for $12 directly through the post when I have them all ready. Trust me...I'll let you know! That price includes shipping, and you can pay through Paypal. They take credit/debit cards, and you don't have to have an account with them. Just so you know.

So...what do you think? Cuter than puppies?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bible in 90 Days Update - Week 6


I'm reading the Bible in 90 Days. Again. Yes, this will be the second time this year that I will have done this seemingly impossible feat. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) the stares and "No way!"'s that I get when I tell people I'm doing this. I love telling people that they, too, can do it!

I love that even though this is my second time through (reading chronologically this time), I still see new things. Just last night I read a passage about Solomon dedicating the temple to the Lord, and just picturing it in my head gave me goosebumps:

Then Solomon stood before the altar of the LORD in front of the whole assembly of Israel and spread out his hands. Now he had made a bronze platform...and had placed it in the center of the outer court. He stood on the platform and then knelt down before the whole assembly of Israel and spread out his hands toward heaven. He said: “LORD, the God of Israel, there is no God like you in heaven or on earth—you who keep your covenant of love with your servants who continue wholeheartedly in your way. II Chronicles 6:12-14

I could just see Solomon, in all his kingly splendor, kneeling down to the ultimate King. He was used to having people bow to him, yet he humbled himself in front of the whole assembly because he understood where his power came from, and who it was that blessed the people of Israel.

This morning, we sang a song that says in the bridge, "My lips will sing, my heart will bring, praise to You, the holy King..." and for some reason it hit me that Solomon was kneeling before the same King, saying some of the same sentiments as we were that morning...and it was to the same God...the God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Talk about chill bumps. I might have sung a little louder, smiled a little bigger, and raised my hand a little higher after that realization.

What an awesome God we serve. "There is no God like You...."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My New Craft Room! Part 3

Headed to the GI doctor today for another test. I will be SOOOOO happy when these things are OVER! I figured today was as good as any to show you what's in my craft room...and what makes me so happy...

Usually I take Tuesdays to highlight a new tassel. But since I have no new tassels with which to share (and since by the time I post this it won't be Tuesday anymore), I will highlight my creative space where I make the tassels. I've told you about my new craft room, as well as shared about some of the stuff I use in there for tassels. Today I want to show you a few more specifics.

In the back of the table on the left hand side you can see my glue gun. What would I do without that thing? Well, I can tell you now it wouldn't be tassels. It's a high temp gun to make sure the glue holds onto whatever it is I'm gluing fringe or ribbon to. It makes for some painful burns if (um...when) I manage to get some on me, but it's worth it to know stuff will stick. I have it sitting on the bottom tier of my Pampered Chef stand. The other two tiers are holding little things that get lost in the shuffle in the other craft stuff.

The scissors on the front of the table I've had for 23 years. I got them as a Freshman in college. Being Ginghers, they were worth the money, but dang, they were expensive! They really are great scissors (actually the pair I have are technically called shears). I even have my name engraved on them. That was more for identification in class than anything, but I love that they show that they are mine. I even still have the storage box they came in (that's it on the right side of the rack on the wall). I just found out that Gingher will repair and sharpen your Gingher scissors for $7.50, and that includes return shipping! Since mine are in dire need of sharpening, I might have to do without them for a few weeks.

As far as the other stuff on the wall rack, I use everything on there with almost every tassel, except for the stuff hanging on the left side. Florist wire for threading ribbon through a topper, an ice pick for poking holes through stuff, some dang sharp cutters (loppers? garden shears?) for cutting dowels and anything too big for my wire cutters to cut through, twine and a hole punch for adding my business card to tassel packages, a measuring tape.... I use it all. I even have a little bucket that holds mini glue gun sticks, but I don't use my little one very much. Gotta have Gertrude for most of my projects.

I just noticed the zebra sitting in the middle of the table. He had some funky looking feet but I cut them off and used some Sculpey clay to make hooves and a little ball on his tail and now he is so cute! I can't wait to use him on a tassel.

As far as other toppers, I have so many I can't name them all, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure...

Doggies! I have SO many dog breeds. If you'd like one, please email me and ask if I have one of your breed. I bet I do! You can see a Golden Retriever I did for a customer here.
Birds! Again...a little of everything. I can't wait to do another Funky Crow. I also have cardinals, bluebirds, sparrows, name a bird, I might have it!Speaking of birds, here are the roosters! Chickens, roosters, oh, and there's a turkey hiding down there, too. If you'd like to see my other roosters/chickens, you can go to my Etsy page's sold page and see them.
Fleur de lis...
Bunnies... (the one on the far right is heading to a new home soon...)
More lighthouses...
This has to be my favorite snowman topper ever. Go to this page and read my description...I really don't know how I let it go. You can see more Christmas toppers in the background...As well as these funky snowmen...uh...and birds....

And finally...Oooo...kay. All these cute toppers and I end with wooden finials? They look kinda...well...boring.

Oh. But wait. In my next crafty post I will finally show you what I've been working on with these cuties.

I. Can't. Wait.