Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Feed the Need

How did a weekend that started out with a car overheating and a sick dog turn into wonderful? I'm glad you asked.

Since 2010, the Thanksgiving after Momma passed away, my little family has served at what our church calls Feed the Need. We prepare over a thousand meals to give to families so that they can have a great Thanksgiving meal. After that first year, we were hooked and have looked forward to it every year since then.

This year was no different, so Thursday morning at 2 a.m. when Jonathan woke me up having to go out because of tummy issues (I will keep the graphics out), I was concerned our day might be messed up. Then at 4 a.m. when I begged Sound Man to take him out as Jonathan was hovering over my ear nearly having apoplexy to be let out, I was more than concerned. And, at 6:15 a.m. when he threw up on my bed, I was sure the day was ruined. Two more upchucking episodes and I knew the three of us weren't going to be able to go. Michael graciously volunteered to stay home with J-dog, even though he REALLY wanted to be there  with us. He said since he only had one working arm (he had surgery two weeks ago today), it would be better for four hands to go instead of just three. Bless his heart.

So, Kiddo and I loaded up my chocolate chess pies to add to the bajillion other pies to be placed in the containers and headed out. We had almost reached the elementary school where all the cooking, plating, and boxing takes place, when my car decided to overheat. Panicked, I called Sound Man and told him what was wrong. He calmed me down and told me it would be okay to drive the short distance to the school and not to worry about it until after we were finished. If he needed to bring water later, he would.

Amazingly, my car's temperature went back to normal just a few minutes after letting it rest, so we were able to make it to the school with no more issues. After we got there, the controlled chaos that is Feed the Need took over all thought. And to add to it, this year we added worship to the mix. To say that made my heart happy would be an understatement.

Pies were cut, cranberry sauce was cupped, rolls were thrown, food was plated, containers were stacked...well, here...this shows much better how it went than I can say with words...

You can see Kiddo at :22 being handed a stack of containers (he's wearing a black shirt), and you can see me in several places (that's my gravy ladle at :34 - hee hee), but the one I saw right off was the scene where we're singing and I have my hand raised. Oh, what joy to hear that many people lifting their voices to thank the only One worthy of our praise!

It was all worth it. The sick dog, the overheating almost stole my joy, but I didn't let it. Oh, and by the way, Jonathan was fine after we left and Michael brought us water for the trip home and we had no more issues. Funny, huh?

We were able to share Thanksgiving dinner with some friends of ours and finished off the day happy and full (of more than just food!). I can't wait until next year!

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with happy memories and that you made new ones, as well!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favorite Shops

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about buying handmade for the holidays, and started to put all my favorite shops in the post. Then I realized that made for a LONG post, so I decided to put them all in a new one. By suggesting these shops, I have either made a purchase from them, received a gift from them, or really, really WANT something from them. Heh.

First, my Susie Harris sign is one of the first things you see when you walk in my home, and I absolutely adore it. Susie is a friend and a precious lady, and she would be happy to customize a sign just for you. Don't let my sign fool you...she has ALL kinds of signs, from family name signs to sweet nursery signs. Check her out!
Second, if you know me personally, most likely you've seen my Starry Designs robin's nest ring on my right hand. It's my favorite ring at the moment, and I would LOVE a pendant from them, too. So pretty! The ring is made from wire, so when you wear it for any length of time it forms to your finger just right. I love it!

Third, if you know anyone who has a thing for birds like I do (what, you didn't know I have a thing for birds? I guess it is kinda hard to tell. *snort*), you've GOT to check out Got Crow Creations. Sound Man gave me a little Tufted Titmouse for Christmas the same year he gave me my Susie Harris sign. It was a very good year. :)
Is that not the sweetest thing ever? She makes all kinds of birds, and all of them are so sweet, even the vultures. Yes, I said vultures. You've got to see them. She makes every bit of them from felt, aside from the nest, of course. She hand makes most, if not all, of those as well.

Now onto shops that I haven't bought from, but I know their products are worth buying. I met Dee from Red Letter Words at Relevant (now called Allume) in 2010, and I so enjoyed getting to know her and her husband Tim. Red Letter Words is a sponsor of the conference, so the attendees were the lucky recipients of some RLW greeting cards. Of course, none of us wanted to use them as cards...we all planned on framing them and putting them up on the walls at home!

Dee has some of the most beautiful Scriptures and sayings inspired by hymns and the like. If you need a special piece of art for your home, or if you need a unique gift idea, take some time and browse her shop.

Another shop that I'm dying to purchase from (or maybe get a gift from? Hint hint, hubby dear) is Krafty Kash. She sells THE coolest, hand crafted, one of a kind jewelry from vintage dictionaries, maps, Bibles, and sheet music.

I lurve her stuff, and she's always putting new items in the shop.Definitely in my wish list this year. She will even custom make a pendant for you.

One more (for the moment, anyway) shop and I'm done. I love Kijsa Studio's Etsy shop. There's so much to see! My favorites, however, are her burlap pillows. One of these days I'm going to have her do a "Mississippi State of Mind" pillow. Or maybe just ask for one for Christmas (this post is quickly becoming a very public Christmas list, no?). She does custom orders and can put just about anything on a burlap pillow. Browse her shop and you can tell she has a great sense of humor!
I also love her Compassion Crosses. Each one is a wooden cross with a decoupaged map of different areas of the world. One would be perfect for a couple who are adopting from another country (she can also add on the back of the cross, "For this child I prayed..." LOVE that!), or for someone who has served in that part of the world. 

These are just a few of the shops I'd recommend for Christmas shopping (along with my little shop, of course. Heh.). Not only do you get to stay in and not have to face the crowds, but many shops will offer free shipping and other coupons on their Facebook pages and such. Check them out and