Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting My Thoughts Together

For those of you visiting from Family:Story:Legacy, welcome! (If you're here because you are one of my awesome followers that are amazingly still followering me, Hey!) I apologize for not having more for your eyes to rest upon, or at least more recent stuff. I'm in the process of writing a series of posts about what our family has gone through in 2013. It has not been an easy year, but I suppose most families could say that.

I was so happy that Al asked me to guest post for him, because a) I love writing about myself (*snicker*) and b) Family:Story:Legacy has a mission close to my heart: passing down more than china and cowlicks to our children.

I'm so glad you've stopped by, and I hope you'll look around a bit. Even though I've neglected my blog over the past couple of years, I still love it. Every once in a while I'll go through some of my old posts and crack myself up with my stories, make myself hungry with my recipes, and shed a few tears with stories of my precious family.

Thanks for visiting, and I'd love to "meet" you in the comment section!