Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gnocchi and Games Night

Now, tell me. Honestly. How many of you know how to pronounce the word "gnocchi"? Well, according to my friend, Lisa, whose family is as Italian as it gets, it's nyo-kee. No matter how the servers at Olive Garden pronounce it (Guhnohchee, Guhnockee, etc, etc). Anyway, Lisa and her husband Jeff invited us and several other families over for some homemade gnocchi. She invited us to bring whatever games we had to play, as well.

Lisa had to cook the gnocchi in batches so they would turn out just right. Oooh, and just right they turned out. Paired with her homemade meat sauce, MMM-mmm-MMMM!

Everyone else brought the fixins for salad, bread, or dessert. Jamy brought homemade bread. I mean melt-in-your-mouth homemade bread. I made Chocolate Chess Tartlets. I will have to make them again because they were gone before I could take any pictures. Mostly before we got them to the party. And Amber brought Sopapilla Cheesecake. Oh. My. OH. MY.

The grownups ate in the kitchen and we sat the kids in the dining room (don't you love these high ceilings and that wall color? I want this for my kitchen. The wall color that is...there's no hope for my ceilings), and after we had eaten our fill, sent the kids upstairs to watch a movie or destroy bedrooms, whatever.

Then the fun really started. Okay, so this picture doesn't show how much fun we had, but trust me. I won't give details to protect the innocent (and since four of the people in this picture are on our church staff), but we laughed until we cried. Peed our pants was more like it. I have not laughed that hard in a long, long. loooooong time.

Have you ever had a game night with friends? If you haven't, you absolutely should. Everyone I've talked to or facebooked since then has said how much fun we had. You get to know people you didn't know that well, and you make new memories with the ones you do know well. I am so thankful Jeff and Lisa opened their home to us.

"A good time was had by all!"


Runner Mom said...

I love fun times like that! What games did y'all play?? We need some new ones!


Dawn said...

oh i love game nights!!
we typically play cards at with another couple, but i love the craziness of games!! sounds like it was a fantastic night!!!

Sarah Mae said...

I would just like to say...

I love the word "fixins"

hehe... ;)

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Your phonetic spelling of Olive Garden's server's saying, "gnocchi" was hilarious. My grandmother is Italian and I have never heard such a thing! But Phoenix is a bit of a cultured melting pot and I'm sure we'd butcher saying all things southern!

And girlfriend...are you gonna snag that homemade bread recipe? I'd love some melt-in-your-mouth homemade bread. My mouth is watering at the mere thought...

tpillstrom said...

Ok..I know if Reid was involved you probably did laugh til you peed! The last game night we had I think we laughed about for a month!

Kimba said...

Looks like you had a ball!

And your "southern-ness" is showing. If you lived anywhere near me, there wouldn't have been any question about the pronunciation of gnocchi. Yumyumyumyum.