Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loss and Life

Figure Skating

Did Joannie Rochette of Canada steal your heart last night like she did mine?

I had actually thought a lot about this post even before her beautiful skate last night. I have been thinking a lot about loss. Not just the loss of a loved one, but the loss of a dream, the loss of status (for lack of a better term), the loss of a marriage, the loss of control.

It's not easy. As I sit writing this my mother is in our guest room resting after her chemo treatment yesterday. She is weaker. The loss of the vibrant mother I once had is the most heart wrenching experience I've had. She is so frail...something she has never been until cancer stole her strength from her.

I'm not the only one who is suffering. My brother-in-law's beloved cousin has not been given long to live. I have a friend whose father's battle with cancer is in its last days. I have another friend whose marriage is on the brink of crumbling. Another friend has already experienced that devastation and now faces life alone. My husband has suffered loss recently, as well; nothing I will go into, but he puts on a strong front for me, while I "take up offenses" and want to open up a can of you-know-what on the offender.

During times like these it is so easy to forget the good things. Last night, after Joannie skated, the entire stadium gave her a standing ovation. The Reuters article tells the story:

"The crowd roared when Rochette landed her opening triple Lutz-double toeloop combination, they hollered when she nailed her triple flip, they cheered when she performed her fast paced circular step sequence full of staccato movements and then they leapt to their feet when she held her final pose.

She smiled beautifully into the camera as she stood still for a few seconds with both hands on her hip, and perhaps feeling the embrace of 12,000 pairs of arms wrap around her, she finally crumbled into tears as dozens of bouquets started to rain down on the ice."

She had an entire continent (and maybe more) on her side. Even before I watched last night I thought something similar about the losses we face every day. We cannot make it on our own. Not only do we need Jesus, who offers the Ultimate comfort and support, but we have to have someone or someones pouring life into us. I'm so blessed to say I have many people who do that for me every day, not the least of which is my precious husband.

My friends Kathy, Lisa, Kim, Loretta, Donya, Robbie...all of these women have had such a part of lifting me up when life gets hard. Just yesterday a precious friend of mine handed me the cutest little leopard print bag and said, "Open it!" Inside was a Malco movie gift card that had enough on it for two adult movie tickets, two cokes, and a popcorn for Sound Man and me to split between us. I think she knows how much that meant to me.

I pray that when this season is over...hopefully before that...I am able to give life back to someone else who is facing loss. Father, open my eyes to see those hurting around me. Give me Your words of encouragement so that they know they aren't going through this alone. Forgive me for being so self-centered. You gave Your Son to give us life. I want to live (and share) this life more abundantly.


southerninspiration said...

Very well written and oh so true. There are many opportunities to lift someone up if we look around and truly see them. thanks for sharing!
Saying a prayer for your mom!


Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Beautifully written, Heathalee. Praying for your mom ... for all those needs you mentioned ... and for the ones you didn't as well.

Looking forward to giving you a real hug one day too!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for a beautiful post. I was reminded this morning of how very fortunate I am. So many of my friends are also experiencing some of the things you listed--my problems pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my friend, you have brought tears. I know that sadness and pain are all around us. Sometimes, it is to hard to bear, but he can carry us during those times. He may not always heal as we see necessary, he may not be able to hold the marriage together that chooses to separate, he may take away all security we know. But he does so because he loves us and wants to carry us.
"When you walk thru the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass thru the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk thru the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." Isaiah 43:2

Please know that you and your family are being prayed for. Hugs to you sweet friend.

Unknown said...

Great post and beautifully written.

Tracey said...

That was rich, girl. Praying for you and your sweet mama.
God is good and we can thank Him in all circumstances for his goodness.

Its So Very Cheri said...

I know how you feel my mom went through cancer too.

I also, came over to let you know that my blog has moved and I would be ever so grateful if you would come to the new site and RE-sign up to follow me there.