Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kimba's French Toast

When Kimba posted about the best French toast ever, I knew I was going to have to try it. I didn't realize it would be this soon, but as I was planning my menu, tonight just seemed to be the night. So, at suppertime this is what we sat down to:Well, not exactly, seeing as how this is Kimba's picture. I hope she doesn't mind I stole it, seeing as how I am about to expound on the wonderfulness that is her French toast. But we did have bacon. Oh, and fruit. Which is not on this plate. Seeing as how it's not mine.

Okay, so on with the expounding. Since the only French toast I'd ever made was the way my Mimmie taught me (little bit eggs, little bit milk, bread), I thought I'd try it out since Kimba said it was so good. MMMMMmmmmmmmm......and how. It's lightly cinnamon-y, lightly vanilla-y, and heavily yumm-y. It went so well with the salty bacon and sweet/tartness of the fruit. I won't tell you how many pieces I ate (it rhymes with "for"). It was that good, and I didn't even have all the sugar mixed in. I went to pour the extra egg/milk mixture out and found about half the sugar had dropped to the bottom of the bowl. I'll have to ask her how to remedy that.

As Kiddo and Sound Man were shoveling bites in, I asked them how they liked it. I finally got a decipherable, "It's REALLY good!" and "Definite do-over." So, in case you'd like to make it yourself, head over to A Soft Place to Land for the recipe. You will be glad you did.


Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

How delightful!! We had breakfast for dinner tonight too. It was a GREAT evening to have is cold and so icy here....perfect comfort food to warm the soul and body. Thanks for linking up to my sleepover. I'm checking in on you as one of my guests. :)


CarlynB said...

That certainly looks delicious. When we were in North Carolina, Cousin Ev made French toast using eggnog for the batter. It was very good.

Kat said...

Why did you not invite us over for dinner?

Heathahlee said...

EGGNOG??? That sounds heavenly, Sister!

And Kat...why do you need an invitation? :D

Anonymous said...

I saw that on Kimba's page. Looks like I'll have to add that to my shopping list. Looks yummy and glad to know it was taste tested Heathahlee approved. :)