Monday, March 14, 2011

Life to the Full

Last October, when I went to The Relevant Conference I was introduced to Dayspring's Life to the Full Collection. Honestly, I didn't pay that much attention to it, since it was smack in the middle of fall and Christmas was coming up. I wasn't in a springy frame of mind. But when I recently had the opportunity to review a Life to the Full place setting, I jumped at the chance!The cheery colors and floral design practically yell, "Spring!" And while I don't see me using a full set of these place settings for every day, they are truly beautiful plates. Each plate has something to do with "life" on it, whether it's just the word "life," the word "life" in over a dozen languages, or John 10:10, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (NIV).

Included in the place setting is a dinner plate (which is HUGE), a breakfast plate, a dessert plate, and a bread plate. Now, if I was the kind of person who collected dish sets, I would be all over these. You wouldn't think the black and red design would fit well with the spring colors of the other plates, but it just works. It also means these dishes would go with just about every decor. The plates are so thick they are almost like serving dishes. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe. That is a MUST in my household.

Since I don't have it in my budget to buy any more place settings, I will use these plates in other areas of my home. I put the dinner plate on my wall with my white plates, and while the arrangement might not be exactly right (I'd have to redo my nail holes, so until I'm ready to do that, this is just for this post) I like it.Like my little ski bear? I got him on dirt cheap clearance at Hobby Lobby and just had to keep him out for the winter. He makes me smile. I will hate to put him away for spring.

Sorry for the distraction...back to the plates. I really do love the way the dinner plate looks against my wall. I might have to rearrange this wall to have a spot in the middle for seasonal plates.

As for the smaller plates, the bread plate would be the perfect size for a bathroom where it could hold jewelry or hair accessories. The other two plates would be really pretty in a plate stand on a shelf or mantel.

However you might use these plates, you can get them on sale right now!

Life to the Full Kitchen Collection by DaySpring

The 4 Piece Place Setting is on sale right now for $40, and you can use coupon code LIFE30 to get 30% off of that price, making the final price just $28! That is a GREAT price for a place setting with as many dishes as this comes with! If you order two sets you get free shipping (all orders of $50 get free shipping)! I love that! Click the link above to get to the collection (and to give me a few pennies if you purchase anything...I am a Dayspring affiliate).

While you're there, check out all the other gorgeous pieces that are in the Life to the Full collection. They are ALL 30% off with the coupon code!

And while you're in the checking out mode, go to (in)courage's (in)spired deals page, where you can read other reviews of Life to the Full pieces, and you might just find yourself a giveaway or two to enter.

Dayspring compensated me for this review with a free place setting, but the opinion shared was all mine. For further disclosure information, check out my disclosure page.

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Dawn said...

do you know how much i NEEDED to see this post? i LOVE these dishes... have admired them everytime we walk into family christian. i want them. so badly. but then i would look at the price and think- no way could i justify (and i the QUEEN of justifying) having these for my dishes. why did i not think to decorate with them? xoxox