Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

How many times do we just skip today and go straight for Easter Sunday? I know I've been guilty in years past of not taking the time to reflect on why we are able to celebrate Easter in the first place. There would be no Easter without Good Friday.

If you grew up in church, or if you go to a more traditional church that uses a hymn book you might be familiar with the original version of "O Glorious Day." This song, "Glorious Day," sung by Jeff Johnson (my favorite version out of all of them out there) is a remake, word for word, of that old hymn. He does such a gorgeous job. We are, of course, singing this Sunday morning (and Saturday night, by the way!).

I don't particularly care for the video, but this was the best on YouTube for the words. You might just want to close your eyes and listen.

Take some time today to reflect on the sacrifice that was made for you. It almost overwhelmed me at small group last night, remembering afresh that it was MY sin that nailed him to the cross. How thankful I am for Sunday!

Update: I just read Kat's post today. She posted a video that says it all..."It's Friday...but Sunday's comin'!"

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Kat said...

Are y'all doing a Saturday night service?? Or is it just a practice night?

I personally love Casting Crowns remake of O Glorious Day. But you know I'm a CC Groupie ;)