Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Crimson Crustacean (a Rant),

*names of the not so innocent have been changed because I don't want some weirdo coming after me*

Dear *Crimson Crustacean,

I had many establishments from which to choose for my Mother's Day dining out experience. Because I suddenly had a craving for your cheddar-garlic biscuits, we chose your restaurant. Let me repeat...your cheddar-garlic biscuits were the ONLY reason I chose your restaurant out of the plethora of restaurants we have in our fair city.

After being seated and greeted somewhat haughtily by *Sheena, she took our drink order, repeatedly asking us to repeat ourselves because she would not literally stoop to our level to hear above the din of the packed restaurant. She then asked us if we wanted to start off with an appetizer. We decided no, we just wanted our cheddar-garlic biscuits (that I had been craving and were the only reason I came to your restaurant). She informed us they would come out with our salads.

When she brought our drinks out to us, I decided I really wanted the cheddar-garlic biscuits (that I had been craving and were the only reason I came to your restaurant) right then and didn't want to wait for my salad to get them. We had not had time to make our meal choices yet, but because those darn cheddar-garlic biscuits ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY COULD NOT be set on the table without those darn salads, she forced us to order our salads. My husband wanted to wait to order his, but no, SHE had to have the last word. To appease me, he ordered his salad with no dressing, since he would decide what dressing he wanted AFTER he decided on what meal he would be having.

Sheena brought out the darn salads with the cheddar-garlic biscuits (that I had been craving and were the only reason I came to your restaurant) and there the salads sat until we were ready to eat them (after devouring the cheddar-garlic biscuits that were the only...oh, you get my point).

After confronted with "why can't the customer decide when to get their food?" type questions, she blamed YOU. "Corporate," she said. "They have really been on us about putting the biscuits on the table before the salads."

Really? I mean, REALLY? My Mother's Day meal was all about those biscuits. I could have gone to Outback for better shrimp. But I didn't.

But I will next time.


Richella Parham said...

Heathahlee. . . you are so funny. And you're cute when you're riled up.

But are you serious? This is ridiculous.

We need to find a wonderful recipe for making cheddar-garlic biscuits at home. My boys ask for those biscuits sometimes, but it's not worth a trip to Crimson Crustacean to get them.

CarlynB said...

Sister - are you under some kind of curse? After the experience we had the week before at the "steak" place, then to turn right around and have a weird experience at the "rusty crusty" I'm beginning to wonder.

Love you,


Darlene said...

Oh NO that is really ridiculous. Guess what????? I HAVE a recipe for their cheddar-garlic biscuits. Do you want me to e-mail it to you???

Trixi said...

Oh, no, we too love those cheddar biscuits!!! In fact that is the ONLY place my son wanted to go for his 13th birthday. I tell you costumer service is bad everywhere now.
I read about your troubles and praises with your van. God is so faithful. I am glad that it worked out so well for you.
By the way, are y'all going to the conference this weekend? We are packing up today to go. I love, love, love the speaker this year, Voddie Baucham.

Dawn said...

hmmm... i can see the crimson crustacean from my office window... and now i am craving the biscuits!

saw this the other day...

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Too funny girl...glad you got your biscuits though~ Have a great weekend my friend. xoxox Susie

becky s said...

OH man. Now I want those biscuits as well. Sigh.

It shouldn't matter what corporate says, if the customer wants it, BRING IT.

I've been known to be so hungry that I insist they bring them right away before I pass out. (Cuz I wait too long to eat.)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

ROFL! Crimson Crustacean!! Sorry you had problems. I love those biscuits and they're so bad for you but they taste so good!