Sunday, May 16, 2010

God is Good! (As if I needed a reminder!)

Yesterday was the annual A'Fair at our county seat court square. As it was last year, we had a great time. Didn't sell many tassels, but we had a great time.

That's not my point for this post. My point for today (I will load pics and tell stories and such in another post) is to tell you this.


I really don't have to tell you that I think God is good. But I'm doing it. Again.

See, I prayed that God would do two specific things Saturday: First, that He would hold back the rain. It was forecast that we were going to get off and on rain and thundershowers all day. Second, that He would give me sinus relief. Since Wednesday I've battled a sinus headache that has made me feel like a...oh, I don't know...whatever you feel like when your head really, REALLY hurts!

Yesterday morning, as we loaded up the vehicles for our trek to Hernando, there were only pretty clouds in the sky as the sun rose and tickled them pink. Sound Man prayed before we left and got choked up thanking the Lord for the beautiful start of the day. I was thankful, too, and knew that the Lord would take care of us and my stuff if it did rain later on. But, miraculously, it didn't. Not. One. Drop.


I cried on the way home. What a loving heavenly Father we have! He cares so much about the minute details of our lives!

As if that weren't enough, when I woke up that morning I was expecting (oh me of little faith!) a sinus headache and snotty nose (sorry, y'all), but instead I was almost completely clear and no headache at all. And this, after having gone to bed at 1:30 and up at 5!

My sinuses didn't start bothering me until on my way to eat dinner, after the day was over. As soon as my head started hurting, I realized that God not only answered one prayer, He answered TWO!

However, there was one request that I forgot to ask...paying customers!

More about that later.

Concentrate on how good God is today!

Adding this to Emily's "Tuesdays Unwrapped" post at Chatting at the Sky...

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Dawn said...

yay God!

Richella Parham said...

God is not only good; He's just plain cool, isn't He?

So very glad to hear of your sinus relief. I'm a fellow sinus sufferer. . . it can be so miserable, can't it?

I went to a wedding yesterday. . . an outdoor wedding in the mountain. . . and the rain did NOT hold off. It thundered during the prelude. . . really clouded up during the processional. . . sprinkled during the scripture reading. . . then started pouring. But then the bride's father quietly walked up and held a white umbrella over the heads of the bride and groom. BEAUTIFUL.

Glad your weekend has gone well. Now, what about paying customers? What's up?

Unknown said...

Amen!!! God IS good!! =)

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

You always remind me how to embrace the blessings and the goodness of each day. Thank you for always encouraging me to find my bliss in my little world. :)


Trixi said...

Yes, He is.

Unknown said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Unknown said...

Yeah! God!