Friday, April 25, 2008

Bird Nerd

I am a self-proclaimed bird nerd. So is my sweet hubby. He regularly fills my feeders when I'm too laz...uh, busy to fill them. Not much makes me more content than to see lots of different kinds of birds at my feeders, and we have eight feeders for them to eat from. My favorite kinds are Tufted Titmice (yes, I know...just be glad it's not a bushtit), Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Carolina Chickadees, and of course Northern Cardinals. I'm sure there are some I've missed, but these are the first that come to mind, and they are the ones that come to my feeders.

Notice I didn't say Robins. Like House Sparrows, Robins are just birds to me. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Robins like I do Grackles and Starlings, but I don't wish them into my yard like I do the Titmice and Chickadees. So when that Momma Robin built her nest on our meter box, I sort of didn't pay attention to it. That is, until my sweet hubby came in and showed me the picture of the lone egg in the nest. It was such a blue, perfect, sweet egg that I instantly fell in love with it. And the three subsequent siblings laid a few days later.

So, when my sweet hubby came in one day and showed me a picture of two freshly hatched babies, I had to "see" them for myself. This is what greeted me. You have to wait till 10 seconds or so before you really can see it in the frame...

You can hear Momma Robin scolding me in the background. Which is why I don't have more than 17 seconds of this...I didn't want to get dive bombed. Remember, I'm doing this blind and don't even know what's up there. For all I know, it's just the two that he showed me earlier. I had no idea this was happening. Isn't it amazing? I know, I know, you're probably saying..."Uh, what are you so excited about? This happens millions of times every year...what's the big deal?" Well, I guess I love it so much because I caught it hatching on my house. Me being the bird nerd and all, it was just really cool beans. And yes, I just said "cool beans."


Lady Wiggy said...

How cool to catch a miracle of God! Do they look like you or your hubby? :-)

Nay Nay said...

Hello Heathahlee! I enjoyed the sweet video. See you later...stupid! LOL!

The Nester said...

You just knew if you told me about these birds I'd be over here in a quick minute! Thanks!

Love what you wrote about grace! We have tru faced and my honey has read it but not me.

Have you read classic christianity or grace walk or running on empty?

Heathahlee said...

Nester, I have not read those, but then I've been stuck in TrueFaced for about a year now. Before that it was Captivating, and I was there for a while, too! It takes me a while to absorb all there is to grasp in each book. Thanks for the comment!
BTW, LOVE the ragamuffin garland!