Saturday, April 19, 2008


How many times have you had something less than desirable in your life, like a bad habit, or a character flaw, or something like that that you've told yourself "If I just try harder, I can beat this!" Or, "I'll get it right tomorrow, I promise!" Or, and this one is sooooo easy to do..."It's not my fault! It's because I didn't have June and Ward as my parents!" (or some such version of a less than perfect fill in the blanks)?

We can wear oursleves out pretty quickly "trying harder" to fix what's wrong with us. And when we don't see results, or those results we do see are derailed by the next bad day, harsh comment, or hormone flare up we're back where we started: exhausted, and added to that, discouraged by our lack of willpower. It's a pretty sad state to be in. We feel like failures because we can't fix it.

That's because we can't fix it. We just don't have it in us. Pretty depressing, isn't it? Well, that is until you find out that the Solution is just waiting for us to ask. It's called Grace. The grace of God. Grace is what we receive when we trust Christ as our Savior, but it doesn't end at the moment of salvation. God keeps extending His grace to us so that we can trust Him with our lives, bad days, bad habits, bad whatever, and all.

Trusting God (in TrueFaced, it's called Living in the Room of Grace) with who He says we are in Him is the only way we can live victoriously in this life.

Because I don't want to make this post any longer or I'm afraid you'll stop reading, I'll close and continue tomorrow. And after that, no more heavy stuff for a while...if you know me you know I'm all about the fun!


cunninghamsinbrazil said...

I told my sister just last week that if Christians would grab ahold of what grace truly is, it could radically change their lives. We as humans just don't understand it, don't know how to give it and certainly have a hard time receiving it. I am still learning about grace and since arriving in Brazil, I feel that we, no I, have had times that I can feel God nudge me and say, "That was grace right there, don't miss it." I think my senses are more in tune with my surroundings right now since I have to listen more closes to what people are saying, but they are also more in tune with what the Father is trying to speak to my heart. And He wants me to get GRACE.

Love the blog by the way, so keep the random thoughts coming.

In His Hands,

cunninghamsinbrazil said...

In my last comment, it is supposed to say closely, not closes. Sorry.

jen said...

This was so good Heather! I dont know if you will even get this comment, being that you wrote thisin April. But being that you know what was wrong with me tonight at the party, this is it. I think I will do a word study on the word grace. I also probably need to read the book I purchased on retreat "Lord, I Need Grace to Make It." by Kay Arthur.