Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A few explanations

Like Inigo Montoya says in The Princess Bride, "Let me splain...no, there is too much, let me sum up...." I really wanted to explain the name of the blog, but I think I'm supposed to get permission to quote from TrueFaced before I post a quote. Hopefully I'll hear back from NavPress quickly...I can't fathom that they would see too much copyright infringement on a silly blog, but you never know. I actually quote from it on the sidebar, and if they tell me I can't quote it I'll take it off, but for now...well, let's just say it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission sometimes! ;)

So, while we wait on that, let me explain my name. It's actually my favorite nickname. I didn't come by it until I was 36, and why that is I can't begin to imagine, because I do love it. So ehneeways (to quote Ignacio in Nacho Libre), here's the story.

I was with several of the Praise Team singers as well as several pastors from my church at a conference in Atlanta a year and a half ago. We were standing around waiting for the next session to start and for some reason started talking about middle names. I piped up and said that whenever my Daddy was upset with me when I was little he'd say my first and middle name. Not unusual for parents to do (in fact, most people know my son by both first and middle names...sigh...another story). The fun part of my information was relaying the fact that Daddy, along with all of his siblings, (AND first cousins, second cousins once removed, third cousins once removed, twice replaced, etc, etc) has the Old South, genteel Southern dialect that not many of us in the South still use (though Hollywood still thinks we do...they also think we marry our cousins). Think Gone With The Wind or Clairee in Steel Magnolias. Like, saying "buttuh" for butter. Or "juniuh" for junior. My cousins Carolyn and Ruth made this phrase up when we were younger, saying that it summed up my Daddy's accent: "Heathah, throw the buttuh out the winduh with the Whoppah Juniuh." Why they made that up, I don't know. Why I just posted that, I don't know either, but there you go.

Sorry for the rabbit chasing. Back to the 'splaining. My middle name is Lee, so when Daddy said my name it came out "Heathah Lee!" Our worship pastor, Brent, said, "Oh, from now on you are SO "HeathahLee!" And now all my close friends at church call me that. Of course, I call them by their first and middle names, too.

I love it because it sums up a couple of things close to me. First, it was inspired by my Daddy, whom I, of course, love. Second, it's so...Southern. I have lived in the South my entire life, and wouldn't have it any other way, unless, of course, the Lord called us to live in a foreign land. Like Schenectady.

So there you go. The story. My, I take a long time to tell stories. But then, if you're reading this you probably know me, so you knew that already, didn't you? :) And if you don't know me, leave me a comment 'cause I'd like to meet you!

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sweetjeanette said...

Oh I DO love your story! I have to admit, I was wondering...
Us Florida girls hang on to our southern roots too (of course, the more south you go, the more north you are... ah hmmm say like - Miami?! LOL Thanks for sharing!