Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Sarah Mae said...

What are YOU going to put on Etsy?!


Anonymous said...

Ok, you are too much for me. A $17 eyelash curler??!!?? And he bought it?? Cracks me up. I think I can understand about the flat iron, though. I've never used one, I think I would burn my arm everyday trying to do the back of my hair. But, I am in such need of a hair cut that I don't think that a flat iron would help much.
I'm glad you had a good, though exhausting Christmas. I actually thought about you. I told Scott that here we were staying at home and you were in somewhere MS driving for an hour and a half.
Tell Kiddo that if Jonathan needs another friend, he can have Jake. I'm afraid that he is a bit much for us right now. Really though, if your Man has a hunting friend that wants a lab that can train him, let me know. Am I awful?
So, I should have emailed instead of leaving a forever long comment. Don't you just love the tree? The will be so pretty next year. Love you girlie! Tell fam hello for me.