Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Year in Review

Okay, seems like everyone is doing a recap of their blogs for 2008. So, since I'm such a follower (more about that later), I'll jump on the bandwagon, too.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed blogging with and for you people. How can a person care so much about people she's never met? Well, I do care about y'all. Each one of you has opened my eyes to new things, and for that I am so grateful.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff. On to the recap. Or whatever.

April 14 - It begins. Since that was basically just a test run, I'll link my second and third posts, which explain why in the world I have such a weird name for my blog, and why I have such a Southern sounding name.

Also in April came my love for bird eggs. It started here and continued with this. You have to watch the video in the second post. It's so sweet. Now, newborn baby birds are NOT cute, but it is beautiful to watch anyway.

Next came May, and if you've seen my "Beware the Cone" picture off to the left, that post was written in honor of another May happening. Go ahead. It's okay to read and laugh at my expense.In June, I started my Australia Posts, where I reminisced about my two-month long trip there the summer of 1991. If you'd like to read them all, click on the subject in my "The Silly Things I Talk About" side bar that says "Australia."June also brought about one of my favorite blog subjects, "My Husband Rocks! Fridays", started by Katy Lin. I get to brag and brag about my husband every Friday and tell the world that not all married women like to bash their husbands and talk bad about them. I wish there were so many more things I could do to honor my husband, but this one little thing is a tiny part of reminding myself what a wonderful man I have been blessed with.

July brought about a couple of crafting posts, which you can see here for the tissue paper decorations and here for the imperfectly beautiful pillow.

In August I won my first giveaway, which coincided nicely with my birthday. It's nice when things coincide nicely. I also got a blog makeover, recorded a CD, and got a dog.

Who, by the way, is now about 3000 times the size he is in this picture.

September brought about the spotlight on Mississippi on Blog Around the World, as well as my 100th post.

October was pretty uneventful but then November came and with it, more recording.
As well as some deer meat in my freezer, thanks to my mighty hunter.

And then came December, filled to the brim with Kiddo's birthday and all things Christmas.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog. You know how much it means to be's being validated for the thoughts and dreams and creativity you lay out for all the world to see. Scary sometimes, but so worth it. I love you, my Bloggy Friends!

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katylinvw said...

wow! 2008 sure was quite the year!!! loved your year in review - i'm so glad to count you among my blog friends :) Happy New Year!