Monday, February 14, 2011

The Beginning of My List

I have read the first two chapters of Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts. If you haven't bought it, go now. Drop whatever you are doing and go get it. And that's just after the first two chapters. Just as a side note, you can purchase One Thousand Gifts by clicking the Dayspring button on my right sidebar. See my disclosure at the bottom of this post.

One thing I have learned is to be thankful. No matter my circumstances. So, even though we are going through a very rough time financially, Kiddo has had strep AND the flu at the same time, and we are down to one car, I will be thankful.

I've wanted to start my own 1000 list for a while. And today is a good day. Just because it's another day I'm alive. So, here goes. I am thankful for...

1. A husband who loves me much more than I deserve.

2. My Kiddo, who loves his momma.

3. An extended family, without whom I wouldn't have been able to survive the days right before and right after Mom's death.

4. The pups.. cute old one and sweet young one. They both make me smile. Even if they do need baths.

5. My church...where I learn to worship every time I step through the doors...where I learn to grow in ministry and stretch beyond what I ever thought I could do.

6. Home...a sanctuary for my family and me when life is too much.

7. Friends, good and best, who love me even when I'm unlovable. And that's a lot.

8. Having the freedom to homeschool my son. Some days it's easier to be thankful for that than others. Heh.

9. This blog, where I can write whatever crazy things come to my mind. And they come fairly often.

10. And I probably should have listed Him first, but I guess it's just a can I express my thankfulness for my beautiful Jesus? Without Him, none of the above would be in existence.

So many times I write what I think YOU want to read. But today, I'm writing for me...a visual reminder of why, even in the hard times, I must be thankful.

You can click the Dayspring link on my right sidebar to purchase One Thousand Gifts. I do get paid a little bit for each sale of the book, but any opinions expressed here have nothing to do with that. I would recommend the book even if I had to pay YOU to buy it.


Dawn said...

i love your list... what a start! i have been thinking about starting an official list... who knows, if i had saved my thankful lists for the past three years, what number i would be on. but i bet once you start counting, you never stop. not even at 1000...

Tracey said...

I haven't started my list (yet) and I am on chapter 4.

I am still caught up in the, what will #1 be on the list and what type of book will I record them in...have I learned nothing?!