Monday, June 27, 2011

Facebook Finally!

I resisted. I failed. I now have a Facebook page for my blog. Woo hooo! When you're on Facebook, put Butterfly Genes in the search box and you should see my tassel page (I'd love it if you liked it, too!) and then the blog page.

I would give you a direct URL but I don't have one just yet. Something about having to have 25 likes or something. So go like me! : )

I will give you an incentive to like my page later this week, but why wait till then? Be one of the first!

And here's a random picture because I hate posting without a picture:Yep. That's random all right.


Agda said...

Hi Heath
My name is Agda and I am from Brazil.
I am "new" here and a I visited your blog because the name. I love butterflies! The name of my blog is The legend of Butterfley. Other day I tell you why! Of course if you are interested!
Bye, bye!!!!

Unknown said...

Girl, you totally crack me up!!

Kat said...

Heads up...tomorrow is ready for Tassel Tuesday :)

Dawn said...

i can't find the blog page. and i wanna!!!!! (so glad kat is keeping tabls on you!!!) and just in case she falls down on the job, the day after tuesday is wednesday :)

Heathahlee said...

Never fear, girls...I'm one step ahead of you. I got it ready YESTERDAY. The beauty of scheduling posts. : )

TK said...

okay well I love the FB page (gone on over and 'liked you'), love the random pic and now I am going to have the guilty pleasure of spending the next few months deciding on a tassle for my mum for Chrissy (what else to give a mum who really has all she wants.....a tassle thats what!!!) TK xx