Friday, July 22, 2011

My New Craft Room! Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you the beginnings of my new craft room. You can let your breath out now, 'cause I know you've been holding it until you could see the finished product. Or not.

Let me finish the story. I left you with my guys holding my hands and making me close my eyes. They led me to the guest room and then told me to open my eyes. Trust me when I say I screamed like they do on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. And of course I cried. I loved it.

I looooooooooove the color. It looks different in almost every one of these pictures. It is the prettiest blue and I am in love with it (Thank you, Tonya!). But not more than I'm in love with my hard working men who worked ALL weekend to pull it off. For the longest time afterward, Kiddo would ask me every once in a while, "Do you really like it Mom?" And would ask me about specific areas that he had worked on..."What do you think about the baseboards, Mom?" No, they're not perfect but I wouldn't change a thing because my precious son did them.

Now, don't be expecting a Martha Stewart room. This room suits me just fine without being magazine worthy. And the pictures don't do it justice. So, without further ado...

My craft room! And...a dog tail. What can I say...everywhere I go I have a "helper"...

If he really wanted to help he'd get the vacuum out. Slacker.

You'd think I'd have cleaned up the room a little before inviting the world to see it. Nope. 'Cause that's how I roll. And because I was too tired to clean anything when I was taking these pics. Anyway, the above picture shows my craft table area. On the wall to the left my husband hung a rack so I can hang the things that seem to walk away (or get lost on the table) like my scissors, glue sticks, wire and wire cutters, and my awesome $40 pinking shears I got for $8 with a JoAnn's coupon.

And see that sign in the back? The "Tassel It" sign? A couple years ago The Nester decided she was pretty much done with tasseling and sold me most of her stash of fringe, toppers, ribbon, etc, etc. I was THRILLED to get it all...and in one of the boxes that came was that cute little sign.

Um...I really should dust more in there. Actually, I think that may be stray hot glue strands.... Anyway, Kiddo decided that it needed to go above the craft table. It reminds me to stay at it even when I'm discouraged. I love that kid.

Just to the left of the table is my ribbon dresser. Four drawers filled with nothing but ribbon. It's one of my happy places in that room. It looks a mess, but it's really organized. Each drawer has it's own color or combination of colors. Top, blacks, whites, browns; second, reds, pinks; third, blues, greens; and bottom, yellows, golds, and twine/string.

Just left of the dresser is my stash of fringe. This is another of my happy places. Oh, what pretty fringe I have in here! Some I had bought on my own, some was from the Nester stash, and ALL of it makes me smile. These are also in drawers according to color.You can see that on top of the fringe drawers I have a mishmash of stuff I use for decorating. The painted twigs I've used for Christmas parties (I love how those came about!), my Life to the Full plates (on sale now for 50% off! Woot!), and a few other little things that I'm just holding there because I know I'll need them later.

To the left of the drawers is my tassel grid. It's not very full right now but you can see how great this will be when Christmastime is here and I'm working my fingers to the bone (or burn, as it were. Heh). This is so much better than the set up we had before (If you click here you can see it in the first picture of the post).

Moving further left past the door, you can see my HUGE stash of toppers. More about that tomorrow (or maybe Monday). Please excuse the blurry picture, giant bear in the middle (he's a leftover from Christmas) and the very dusty, very old Singer sewing machine (I have no idea why that's sitting there).

And moving left past the closet, the bay window with my Mimmie's chair in it. And a giant snow-leopard-that-I-drew-and-pretend-it's-a-tiger. And some birds. Oh, those birds.

That Kimba. She started it. And they multiplied. But now they are manageable and will find new homes come Christmas. Right now the ones who are left are keeping my sewing machine company. Its table is still in the mud room waiting to be dug out. Poor baby.

So, there you have it. My own creative space. Thanks for sharing my joy.

Next post, I'll share about that huge stash of toppers. And give you a sneak peek at something I've been hinting about for a while. Stay tuned!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wonderful, Heather! I love that grid they put up for you to hang your finished tassels. That is such a great idea and I think it adds some decoration to your room, too. Plus, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

If you want to make me a tassel with that "chocolate" bunny, I'm ready. I'm thinking brown and cream for my own future craft room, so if you're up for it, let's talk. : )

Dawn said...

what a lucky girl you are! i love the thought they put into in... from actually planning it to hanging that sign right where you need it!

Kimba said...

GIRL! I love it! And I'm so happy for you to have a fabulous new craft room! All that crafting goodness! Love, love, looooove it.

Richella Parham said...

OH, Heather. How very, very cool. You deserve a room to create your beautiful tassels. I imagine you do more than tassel-creating in this room, too! Whatever you're doing, you're never alone, you know? Even when you feel lonely. I'm so proud of you for all you've done since you lost your mom! And I'm so proud that I have a tassel from THE Heathahlee!!

Heathahlee said...

Thanks, y'all! And Kathy, you got it! I'll email you....

CarlynB said...

That looks great! They really did a wonderful job and I'm SO glad the orange cabbage roses have disappeared.

You have to tell me what paint color you used.

Love you!

Heathahlee said...

Sister, I'll have to find the paint chip. It's from Do It Best and since we don't have any up here Tonya sent me her paint chip. Y'all might have one down there. I'll find the paint chip and let you know.

Unknown said...

It is wonderful!! What a blessing to have such hard working men love you so much :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

LOL! Your helper is so cute! I have a similar "helper". I do love that color on the walls. It's great that you have a tassel making room!

Barbara H. said...

Beautiful! And so neat that your guys got it ready for you!

I just got "my own room" for crafts and sewing two years ago when my middle son got married, and then we moved last summer, so it's still only partially set up. But let's just call it a work in progress rather than an unfinished room. :-)