Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting Ready for B90Days!

"What in the world is B90Days," you ask?

In January of this year I embarked on a challenge I thought would be way too daunting for me. I decided to sign up to read the Bible through in 90 days. It was actually kind of spur of the moment. But I had heard from Tracey, my Relevant '10 roomie, that she had done it and had loved it. So, without much prayer and wondering if I should really do it, I just jumped in. And never looked back. I finished two days early and can honestly say it changed my entire perspective of Scripture. Oh, how I love His Word!

Should you join the next challenge, which just happens to begin July 11 (which is this Monday!)? I HIGHLY recommend it! Why? Because you will gain such perspective on the history of not only God's chosen people, but also of the church. You know what? I used to HATE to read out of the Book of Acts. I thought it was just a bunch of sermons from Peter and Paul and then there was Pentecost and yada yada yada. But after reading the Old Testament and right into the Gospels, then right into Acts, it was one continuous story, and I was actually SAD when I was finished with Acts! I wanted to read so much more! Seeing how knowing Jesus changed Peter's life so dramatically...not to mention Saul/Paul!

If you start this challenge...and make no mistake, it IS a challenge...you will never regret it. NEVER. Sermons will make more sense. Verses will pop into your head when you need them most. Stories will come alive. You might even dream about His Word. I did on two different occasions and didn't want to wake up!

You will be able to see that God is a God of order; He is a God to be obeyed, to be reverently fearful of. He is also a God of infinite love and mercy. Oh, how He loves His people!

Who, by the way, includes US!

Come on! Join us! You can even request to be in my mentoring group! I get to be a Bible in 90 Days mentor this session! Wooooo hooooo! I'm so excited! Can you tell? : ) If you'd like to be in my group, at the bottom of the form, where it says "Is there anything you would like to share that I have not asked you? If so, what?" just put that you'd like to be in Heathahlee's mentoring group.

I pray that you will consider the challenge! I promise you will not regret it!

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Unknown said...

I'm signed up - didn't know you were a mentor!