Wednesday, September 21, 2011

O and M Woodworks

I have a new favorite Etsy shop. Oh, I have a LOT of favorite Etsy shops, but, see, this one's different.

Not only does it offer cute little birdhouses...But it's run by two of the most handsome men I know.

My husband and son now have their own Etsy shop! They call it O and M Woodworks. If you're in the need for a sweet, rustic bird house, they are your guys!

As of right now, they only have three houses in the shop, but as they have time they will add more and more, especially the closer to Christmas it gets.

And if you'd like a custom order, just ask! Go check them out!


CarlynB said...

You know, I was thinking just the other day that I need somebody to build me a chicken tractor. Really.

It would be a much bigger project than a bird house, though.

Love you,


Jessica Heights said...

Those are adorable!